Sep 18 – Dons play tough against Monte Vista

Your Acalanes Dons traveled to Alamo to face the Monte Vista Mustangs.

Game 1

0-0 Grace Bolen fires off an ace for the first points of the game.

1-1 Maddie Graham crushes a Bolen set for the kill.

2-1 Graham – ace.

3-1 Molly Dalziel gets the outside set and smokes the ball cross court for the kill.

5-2 Bolen sets Dalziel inside and she slides towards the middle for the kill.

9-5 Dalziel back row kill.

12-8 Dalziel with another back row kill, this time off the block.

13-10 Dalziel with the cross court kill off the block.

16-12 Serve to Dalziel who passes it to Bolen who sets Dalziel for the kill past two blockers.

18-14 Graham takes the inside set and gets a kill.

19-15 Bolen delivers a sweet “1” to Mimi White for the kill.

23-24 Julia Gay back sets Dalziel who pulls out the killer roll shot to the open middle of the court.

24-24 A Mustang middle goes for the kill, but is Mollified. Molly Armstrong and Dalziel with the superb double block for point.

26-27 Bolen quick sets Armstrong who destroys the ball straight down for the point.

27-29 Monte Vista wins.

Game 2

0-1 Dalziel starts the Dons off with a back row kill to the corner.

1-1 Jones crushes a cross court kill 8 feet off the net.

4-3 Graham soft rolls the ball from the back row over two defenders for the point.

7-15 Armstrong takes out the trash and crushes a Monte Vista overpass for the kill.

9-16 Graham goes by two blockers for the cross court kill.

10-17 Graham/White combine for the wall of hands and block for point.

11-19 Jones with the kill off the block.

12-19 Jones with the kill to the back corner.

13-19 Gay with the ace!

14-19 Jones soft hits to the open middle and point.

16-22 Gay moves quickly to position herself in the right spot to pass a hard driven Monte Vista ball and keeping the point alive. Dons win the point.

18-23 Armstrong reads a Monte Vista quick set and swiftly moves the block to prevent the point.

19-25 Monte Vista.


Game 3

1-7 Jones takes the outside set and smashes the ball for the kill.

4-7 Bolen back sets Jones for the kill.

5-9 Jones pushes the ball past two defenders for the point.

8-14 Graham kill.

9-15 Dalziel gets a back row kill.

10-16 Graham with the kill off of the block.

14-22 Armstrong pushes the ball past two defenders for the point.

16-23 – “play of the night” – a pass off of a hard hit ball is going out of bounds near the net. Bolen hustles over to get an arm on the ball with a sweeping lunge and keeps the ball off the floor. But, it continues to head farther out of bounds and almost behind the up referee. Flying across the court, Devin Grobeck throws her body towards the ball. She commits two crimes by breaking the laws of gravity and physics, none the less, Grobeck somehow manages to not only touch the ball, but get it back over the net before she crashes into the stands. Dons point.

17-25 Monte Vista wins.

Dalziel – 9 kills

Jones – 8 kills

Graham – 7 kills

Armstrong – 3 kills

By Doug Dalziel