Dec 21 – Soccer Dons enter the Winter break undefeated!

Acalanes 3, Alhambra 1

Photo: David Lee

Acalanes boys varsity soccer continued their unbeaten streak Friday with a solid win against a plucky and contentious Alhambra.  Not to put the Don’s under any pressure by mentioning an unbeaten streak, but at 10-0 it must be said this is a very good Don’s team who are deserving of their success so far.  Alhambra haven’t won a game this season, which is hard to believe when considering how well they battled from the first minute to the last and in doing so made Acalanes work hard for their win.  This was a well fought game where both teams tackled like they meant it. It’s now apparent Acalanes are blessed with several truly hard young men who do not flinch in the tackle and fight for every ball.  Harness that toughness with a stingy defense and a wonderfully creative and workman like starting midfield, compromising of senior’s Dan Glascock and Ben Croze, junior’s Mark Helfrich and Max Mirner, and there we have the foundation for this season’s comprehensively good team which, this writer believes, can go all the way if only the boys own concentration levels don’t let them down (as we’ve seen more than once when allowing the few goals conceded so far, most of which were stoppable).

Photo: David Lee

The match started evenly but it didn’t take long for Acalanes to start dictating play without ever dominating.  On 16 minutes, senior, Graham Lindgren, used his long throw in to put the ball at the near post, Max Mirner met the ball with a powerful header which cannoned off the post to a grateful senior, Luc Van Oss, who finished well from close range.  Just seconds before the halftime whistle, Van Oss sent a hard low pass down the left wing for Helfrich to run onto, collecting the ball well and with only the goalie to beat, Helfrich picked his spot at the far post with a precise strike.

Halftime 2-0.

Just 2 minutes in, an Acalanes corner was knocked down by Alhambra. The ball wasn’t cleared inviting Helfrich to pounce and shoot home for his second on the night.  As the second half progressed Acalanes grew stronger in possession but with Alhambra harassing every pass and play, the going was never easy.   In the 75 minute Alhambra won a fortuitous penalty kick when an incoming ball bounced off freshman Ian Franklin’s body and onto his hand, likely this was ball to hand and not hand to ball but the ref gave it and Alhambra hit a fine unstoppable penalty kick into the corner of senior Eric Rogstad’s goal.  Rogstad, otherwise had little to do making 3 saves on the night as Alhambra’s forwards were kept quiet by the Don’s defense.

On a final note, Santa himself might be wishing for as much help from his trusty team of reindeers as the Don’s are getting every game from their trusty team of reserve players who come off the bench to add so much to their teams success.

Final Score 3-1 Dons

Next up, the Don’s at College Park, Saturday, January 5, at 3:00 PM

Barry Allan Lee