Oct 29 – Dons come up short versus Campolindo

Game 1;

0-3 Katie Nall starts the night off for the Dons with straight down kill.
2-4 Parker Jones crushes the ball off the block for the kill.
4-7 Molly Dalziel gets the point by hitting off the block.
5-12 Rachael Cox puts up a fierce block for the point.
7-13 Maddy Sauer pulls out a great pass off a hard hit ball. Grace Bolen takes the pass and puts it over in two for the point.
10-19 Cox keeps the point alive with a fantastic pass. The rally continues with multiple touches by almost every player and eventually Bolen sets Dalziel high to the outside who bring home the kill.
12-22 Bolen backsets Jones for the cross court kill.
Sauer is a serving machine and the Dons start a comeback.
15-22 Dalziel with the kill off the block and the ball lands harmlessly out of bounds.
16-23 Cox back row kill on the line.
17-23 Cox and Reilly Webster combine for a roof.

18-25 Campo wins

Game 2;

0-2 Cox back row off the net for the kill.
3-2 Dalziel fires the bullet ace.
5-4 It must be raining outside as Webster turns on the wipers and pushes the ball away from the Campo defenders for the point.
7-8 Bolen lays it out to save the ball form hitting the floor. Sauer reaches out and passes the ball to the other side of the net where it harmlessly falls for the kill.
9-15 Dalziel hard off the block for the kill.
10-15 Ice cream all around – Maddie Graham with the soft serve ace.
11-15 BolenCoxDalziel – point.
Move along folks, nothing to see here.

13-25 Campo

1-1 Cox down the line for the kill.
2-1 Bolen high outside set to Dalziel who can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan.
6-2 Dalziel and Webster roofing company is in the house.
7-8 Dalziel becomes a member of the Dinka tribe.
9-12 Cox with the snap hit that falls to the open court for the kill.
13-16 Parker hits a change up that falls softly to the middle untouched.
15-17 Dalziel off the block kill.
17-17 Campo tries to float the ball over the net, but Webster leaps up and smashes the ball down for the kill.
19-20 Webster – kill to the back corner.
20-21 Nall with the straight down kill.
22-23 Cox hits the ball hard off the block where it fall out of bounds for the point.
23-24 Dalziel cross court kill.
24-25 Campo setter tries to hit the ball over in two, but Webster with her cat like reflexes springs up and pushes the ball back over the net for the point.

25-27 Campo wins.

Cox – 7 kills, 5 blocks and 17 digs
Dalziel – 10 kills
Bolen – 18 assists and 4 digs
Nall – 5 blocks
Graham – 3 digs
Sauer – 4 digs
Webster – 4 kills and 7 blocks
Jones – 5 kills

Doug Dalziel