Dec 3 – Acalanes Girls Bring Home 1st State Championship EVER

Acalanes v. Crossroads 12/3/2016
YOUR Acalanes Dons Girls volleyball team laced up the shoes for the final time this season, seeking the ultimate prize in the Division 3 State Championship Match at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, CA. The Lady Dons faced Crossroads from Santa Monica, not fully knowing what to expect, and just trying to play their game and have fun. Here are the highlights in case you didn’t catch the match on the internet or on t.v.!

First Set:
1-0. Parker Jones with the first kill of the match. Dons winning!
2-0. Jones again from the pipe off the Maddie Kalil set.
3s. Crossroads reels off three straight.
4-3. Alex Matson kills the Devin Grobeck set. Both teams NOT showing much nervousness.
7-5. Lane Webster in to serve and…Ace!
8-5. Roxy Cummings fires a kill on the Webster back set.
9-5. Webster Ace again!
11-6. Matson cross court. Killer swing.
12-8. Serve specialist Sarah Nelson delivers, but Crossroads gets a kill.
14-9. Jones stuffs an overpass to keep the Dons up early.
16-10. Matson “tools” the blockers to score again. Timeout Crossroads.
18-10. Jones Ace!
19-10. Melissa Elliott smartly tips one off a Crossroads blocker to keep the Dons momentum going.
21-10. Jones Ace again! Dons rolling! This should be easy right?
22-10. Super Kalil set to the middle and Elliott crushes it!
24-13. Madi Risch kills it off the blockers. Set point!
25-13. Great saving digs from Elsa Clever – Pancake! – and Crossroads hits it long, and the Dons take the first set. The score does not reflect the level of play. More work to do…

Second Set:
2s. Jones sharp kill.
3s. Matson huge kill.
4-5. Nice Kalil set to Matson: Kill.
5-9. Super long rally and Aca finally scores. Needed the point badly after a Crossroads run of points.
6-9. Matson Ace!
7-9. Cummings kill as the Dons mount a furious comeback.
8-9. Matson Ace again!
9s. See above!!!
10-9 ANOTHER Matson Ace! Six straight points for the Dons. The Acalanes crowd is going wild. The much larger Crossroads crowd is going wild, imploring their team to stop the Dons.
11-10. Grobeck wisely watches the Crossroads serve float just long. Good eye baby!
12-10. Cummings kills an overpass.
13-10. Jones crushes another overpass.
14-10. Smart tip down the line by Cummings. Roxy is rocking today! Time out Crossroads as the Dons are on fire!
16-13. Big block from the E&J Roofing Company (Elliott & Jones).
17s. Crossroads ties it up with their own big rally and some sudden Dons shakiness. Timeout Acalanes.
19-17. Webster with another Ace!
21-19. Theresa Nevins is nifty with the placement tip in the middle.
21s. All tied up. Stressful.
22s. All tied up again. Lordy.
22-23. Dons fall down by one. Timeout Aca.
23-24. Set point for Crossroads and they call a timeout.
24 All! Looooooong rally. Clever block, point goes on. Jones kill!!!
25-24. Jones Ace! Set point Dons!
25 All. Crossroads kill. What a battle.
25-26. Oh no. Set point Crossroads now!
26-All! Jones fires off the blockers! Phew.
27-26. Jones scores with a soft roller from the back row. Yes Parker! Set Point #2 for the Dons!
28-26. Oh my God! Grobeck serves it into the net, it hits near the top and stops, and then it rolls over and softly hits the floor on the Crossroads side and the Dons win the Second Set! The crowd is stunned.

Third Set:
1s. Incredible back row passing by Grobeck and Jones crushes the Kalil set.
4-2. A “double” called on Crossroads for a Dons point. Grobeck is serving, passing and setting spectacularly, like the veteran Senior Captain she is.
7-2. Amazing one-armed dig by Kalil and then Nevins ROOF to score. Timeout Crossroads.
7-6. Four straight points from Crossroads. Good timeout. They are not in the State Championship match to simply roll over…
8-6. Jones kill. Again from the pipe. Solid.
9s. Cummings takes a difficult set and makes lemonade for a score to tie it back up.
10-11. Jones kill off the Acalanes timeout. Rachel Go in to serve for the Dons.
12-11. Dons retake the lead on the super Go dig and the Jones kill.
15s. Elliott kill ties it up again. More solid Senior play. Back and forth set!
16s Matson kill off the block to tie it again. Another Senior who brought her very best for her final match.
17-18. Jones kill. Dons hanging tough but Crossroads has made adjustments and is really playing well now.
19-18. Solid Webster set and Cummings kills it.
20-19. Dons come right back on the shoulders of Webster to Cummings. It’s working.
21-19. Messy point. Dons will take it.
22-20. Webster to Cummings again. Kill again. Yasssss! Sam Darin in to serve.
22s. Crossroads scores two crucial points to tie it up.
22-24. Set point Crossroads. Timeout Dons. Yikes.
22-25. Crossroads rallies and takes the 3rd.

Fourth Set:
1-0. Kalil starts off the Dons with an Ace!
2-4. Jones stops some bleeding with a placement shot.
3-4. Jones Ace! Stellar play from the Senior Captain.
6s. Matson kills one off the block from the Go set.
6-9. Dons are suddenly tight. Timeout Aca to talk about how to get back to their own game.
8-10. Cummings kill to keep the Dons close
8-11. Nelson serves and dishes a nice set, but Crossroads scores again.
9-11. Spectacular Webster dig to keep the point alive, and Crossroads then hits it wide.
9-14. Really a rough patch for the Dons….
9-16. More roughness. Timeout Dons.
10-18. Out of synch.
11-18. Matson kill. Dons need a huge run of points.
12-18. Nevins/Matson Roof!
16-20. Dons hanging on and closing the gap…timeout Crossroads
17-23. Net violation Dons. This set is just a struggle.
17-25. And OF COURSE we are going to a 5th and final set! Lets Go Dons!

Fifth Set:
1-0. Dons up early with the Elliott tip. First one to 15 is State Champion.
2s. Jones kill. Crowd is going absolutely nuts.
3-4. Dons fall behind but close the gap with another huge Elliott kill
4-5. Jones kill from the pipe.
5-8. Crossroads is slipping away. Timeout Acalanes. Dons need to rally fast!
6-8. Cummings kill from Webster. Vital!
7-9. Cummings again off the blockers! Crucial!
7-10. Dons are down 3 point and time is running out!
8-10. Zoe McPhail in for defense and she makes a great pass and Cummings again gets the kill. Critical!
9-10. Kalil Ace! Come on Dons!
10s. Its tied up!!! Kalil with ANOTHER ACE!!!
11-10. Dons take the lead on a wild point. Timeout Crossroads!
11s. Big Crossroads middle kill. Re-tied.
12s. Risch + Elliott Roof to re-tie it for the Dons!
13-12. Crossroads hits it wide! Timeout Crossroads.
14-12. Jones Ace! Match Point Dons!
14-13. No go! But still Match Point!
14s. No! Tied up again. My goodness. Somebody will win this in OT. Neither team deserves to lose!
15-14. Matson kill!!! Match Point Dons Again! ‘Sco Dons!!!
Jones Kill!!!

Dons Win!!! State Champions!!! Dogpile on the Court!!! 16-14.

Acalanes Girls Volleyball State Champions

Photo: Craig Nelson