Cheer Summer Camp Results

Cheerleaders and Parents,
Thank you all so much for participating in a wonderful week of camp activities! Thanks to all the cheerleaders for all their hard work and effort, and thanks to all the parents who provided carpools, snacks and general support!!! AHS cheer squads have had an amazing start to their season and were recognized with the following awards:

Spirit Sticks!- Both Teams!
Second Day-Varsity-“TOP BANANA!!” ( The best squad of the day!)
2 Trophies-Varsity- “Superior” trophy and  JV-“Most Improved” trophy
Varsity received a “Superior” ribbon for their cheer
JV received an “Excellent” ribbon for their cheer (Note-Criteria is Superior 1st place, Excellent 2nd place, Outstanding-3rd place)
Varsity and JV combined received a “Superior” ribbon for their cheer and dance-pre evaluation day
Varsity and JV combined received a “Superior” ribbon for their cheer and dance-evaluation day
For their Superior combined performances both teams have been invited to the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl Halftime Show in Honolulu, Hawaii!
All 4 of our Team Captains (India, Allison, Lillie and Dominique) have been invited to the 2012 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York City!
And congratulations to India for winning “All American” (UCA’s Top Cheerleading Award) she is invited to the 2013 London, England New Year’s Show Festivities!

If anyone is interested in more information regarding the activities we have been invited to please let me know. The entire team does not have to go as a group, individuals who would like to go are welcomed!  The fees range from about $1100 (Hawaii and Macy’s) to the $3000 London performance package.

Sandy, Sallina, Shawn
AHS Coaching Staff