Sep 23 – Frosh Girls Volleyball Results

Maddie Ponzo, Carly Porep, Asha Allagapan, Hannah Roberts, coaches Shannon Lee and Ricky Carrillo, Amy Sabbadini, Bella Denny, Morgan Shepherd. Seated with plaque: Kelsey Wendt, Julia Gay, Claire Porep, Lia White. Not in photo: Caroline Wash and Rachel Lom.

The Acalanes girls frosh volleyball team had a great day Saturday and took second place in the 16-team Deer Valley Frosh Tournament. The Dons defeated Bishop O’Dowd, Antioch, College Park, San Ramon Valley. All scores were 2-0. They then faced rival Campo in the semi-finals. The Dons won the first game 25-18, but outside hitter Hannah Roberts went out with a hurt thumb. Despite this setback the team rallied and won the second game 25-19. They then faced Bay Area volleyball power Sacred Heart Cathedral of San Francisco in the championship match and lost to a very good team 2-0.

The freshman Lady Dons are now 13-2 on the season and next play Miramonte this coming Tuesday in an away match.

Story and photo by Kevin Porep

Sep 21 – Friday Sports

In Thursdays action…
The girls golf team defeated Miramonte HS 263-276.
The girls varsity volleyball team was defeated by Las Lomas HS 25-11, 25-16, 25-11.  The freshman team was victorious in 25-10 and 25-18, bringing their record to 8-1 on the season and 1-1 in league.
The freshman football team dropped a heart-breaker to Campolindo HS 7-6.

In Fridays action…
The football team opens DFAL play at Campolindo HS.  JV plays at 4:30 and varsity at 7:00.
The varsity girls water polo team competes in the Amanda McDonald tournament in Palo Alto.

In Saturdays action…
The varsity girls water polo team competes in the Amanda McDonald tournament in Palo Alto.
The freshman girls volleyball team competes in the Wolverine tournament at Deer Valley HS.

Thursdays individual standouts…
Girls golf              Elizabeth Schultz shot a 41 on a 9-hole par 36 course.

Mr. Takahashi and multiple contributors

Sep 20 – Thursday Sports and Wednesday Results

In yesterdays action…
At the DFAL Center Meet the varsity boys and girls placed 2nd.  The JV girls won the meet and the boys placed 3rd.  The frosh-soph girls placed 3rd.

In todays action…
The girls volleyball team hosts Las Lomas HS.  Freshmen play at 4:00, JV at 5:00 and varsity at 6:30.
The girls tennis team has a match against Dougherty Valley HS at 3:30.  Varsity is home and JV is away.
The girls golf team has a match against Miramonte HS at Orinda CC at 3:15.
The freshman football team hosts Campolindo HS at 5:00.

Yesterdays individual standouts…

Cross country    Annie Marggraff won the varsity girls division by 27 seconds, and Kelly Collins placed 5th, Amy Hollshwandner 6th and Caith Wright 10th. Adler Faulkner placed 4th, Keenan Byrne 5th, Scott Lindsay 10th, Tristan Tarpey 12th, Cameron Gaskell 15th, and Alec Weber 18th in the varsity boys  division. Kelli Berge, Haley Kisner, Caroline Wilcox, Emily Cavanaugh and Brianna Grether all placed in the to eight in the JV girls division. Ross Dudakov placed 4th, Nick Warren 10th and Jack Main 18th in the JV boys division. Amy Strobelt placed 4th, Sophia Frumenti 5th and Nikki Roos 16th in the frosh-soph girls division.  Nima LeClerc placed 8th and Aaron Harman 13th in the frosh-soph boys division.

R. Takahashi

Sep 18 – Volleyball Girls Varsity Takes Tough Loss to Campo

Set 1:

The first set of the match was tight and the scoring between the two teams stayed within a couple points.   It all began well for the Dons when on the first serve of the set the Cougars served out of bounds.  Back and forth scoring ensued punctuated by a big outside kill by Lisa Carrington.  The Campo defense was tough, often putting up a 3-person block on the Dons’ outside hitters.  The Dons showed some powerful defense of their own with Emily Mesetz and Brooke Aiello stuffing a Campolindo kill attempt making the score 6-6.  On the next point, Carrington delivered a tough serve for an ace to make it 7-6 (Dons’ score listed first).  At 10-8 Jojo Harnish got a tough pass, read the defensive setup and shot a power dump over the net to an open spot on the floor.  Aiello took a backrow set from Harnish and crushed a backrow kill to make it 12-9.  A few points later Ying Stroube made an amazing out-of-bounds desperation save that went over the net and dropped for a point bringing the score to 13-10.  Amanda Jarquin showed her big hitting skills from the backrow by delivering a blazing kill past the Campo defense at 16-14.  Scoring remained close and at 18-18 Mesetz brought the hammer down for a big kill.  With the score climbing the tension in the stands was building as well.  At 20-22 Campo had a big server up, she delivered her serve, and Stroube pulled back at the last moment deciding to let it go long (which it did).  A few points later, both teams were scrambling with the defenses preventing any untouched kills.  A long rally ensued and at the end Harnish made a diving pancake save, a desperate set went up, and Aiello pounded it down for the exclamation point.  22-23 Campo.  At set point (22-24 Carrington delivered a beautiful kill down the line from the outside to make the score 23-24.  Set point again and a net violation was called on Campo.  All tied up at 24 apiece, but Campo came away with the next point (24-25) and the Dons had a net violation of their own on the last point.

Final Score: 24-26 Campolindo.

Set 2:

The second set began with Jarquin sending a power dink to the undefended corner of the Campo side to make the score 1-1.  Harnish followed with and ace to that very same spot for a 2-1 score.  The Dons’ front row defense scored big with Carrington and Jarquin roofing up the big-hitting Campo outside hitter to make it 3-4.  Aiello followed with a kill from the Dons’ outside slot at 4-5.  A long series of point winners by Campo was finally ended by Mesetz finding the open spot on the Campo side with a well-placed dink to make it 5-9.  A 4-point deficit to the Cougars is difficult to overcome but the Dons kept their spirit up.  Jarquin was on a roll with her backrow hitting skills and brought another one down at 6-13.  She came through again at 8-14 when Harnish, at the far front corner, pushed up a long set to the opposite corner with Jarquin timing it perfectly to drill it for a score.  Still much back-and-forth scoring, and at 10-16 Carrington made an impressive solo block on the Cougars’ middle hitter.  On the next play, she teamed up with Rachel Cox to roof the same middle hitter to make it 11-16.  Two plays after that, Carrington and Cox again teamed up and stuffed the Campo outside hitter to make the score 12-17.  Aiello came back into the offensive picture with an outside kill at 13-18 and then teamed up with Mesetz for a solid block at 14-18.  Carrington shot a bullet of a spike down the line from the oppo at 15-20 and from the backrow at 17-24.  Campo then finished with a point to end the set.

Final Score: 18-25 Campolindo

Set 3

This set began well with Carrington making the first point with a well-placed dink for a 1-0 score.  Coach Steve Siegmann had in fresh players and at 3-4 Molly Dalziel showed up in a big way delivering a crushing kill from the outside at 3-3.  Katie Nall also showed big hitting ability with a spike at 6-8, but also displayed great defensive skill with a solo block at 7-13.  Carrington shot a power dink to the corner for a 9-14 score, and at at 10-15 Stroube followed suit with a 2-hand push to that same undefended corner on the Campo side.  At 14-20 it was Nall again showing the big hitting with a big blow in the middle past a tight double-block by Campo.  And it was Carrington again with a huge oppo hit to make it 16-23.

Final Score: 16-23 Campolindo

Brian Aiello

Sep 8 – Volleyball Girls Frosh

The Acalanes freshman girls volleyball team are 7-0 on the young season and won the 16-team Dougherty Valley Frosh Tourney on Saturday, September 8. The team was there for twelve hours in all and defeated Mercy High of SF, Dublin, St. Joe’s of Alameda, Las Lomas. They beat crosstown rival Campo 2-0 in an exciting semi-final match. The championship match vs. Monte Vista went to three sets with several tense points and long rallies. The Lady Dons pulled out a victory in a thrilling 15-11 final game.

The frosh team: Carly Porep, Claire Porep, Lia White, Amy Sabbadini, Kelsey Wendt, Julia Gay, Hannah Roberts, Morgan Shepherd, Maddie Ponzo, Bella Denny, Asha Allagappan, Caroline Wash, and Rachel LomStory and photo by Kevin Porep

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Nov 10 – Today’s water polo and football game schedule

In Wednesdays action…
The girls volleyball team closed the season with a well-played game against Sir Francis Drake HS in the NCS playoffs.

In Thursdays action…
The girls water polo team plays at Campolindo HS at 4:30 in the NCS semifinals.
The boys water polo team plays at Miramonte HS at 6:15 in the NCS semifinals.
The football team hosts Las Lomas HS.  JV at 4:30, and varsity at 7:00.  The senior night presentation will be at 6:30.

R. Takahashi

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