Oct 10 – Northgate v. Acalanes Girls Volleyball

Your Acalanes Dons Girls Volleyball team. Northgate. Broncos. Let’s ride.

First Set:

3s. Elsa Clever Ace as we get going.

5-3. Lane Webster sets Theresa Nevins in the middle and she hammers it like a nail in a horseshoe. Timeout Broncos.

6-8. Broncos gallop ahead with a 5-point run. Grace Higgins stops the stampede with a nice hit.

10-12. Sam Darin cross-court kill on the Maddie Kalil set as the Dons stay close.

12-13. See above! And add a great dig by Madi Risch off a tough serve!

13s. Webster to Higgins at Oppo who ties it up. Yee-Ha!

15s. Higgins puts up a huge block. Rooooof!

19-18. Darin. Key kill. Acalanes trying to get more than a half-length lead on the track.

19-22. Dons timeout after Broncos land three straight bulls-eyes.

20-23. Webster jumps in at Oppo and fires a shot.

21-23. Webster Ace! Timeout for the Broncos as they retreat to the barn to regroup.

21-25. And Northgate does regroup and takes the first set. Broncos roaming all over Acalanes Ranch so far.


Second Set:

Dons looking for more “Good…” and less “Bad and the Ugly.” (See Sergio Leone).

1-0. Darin kill.

2-0. Sarah Westergren kills it off the blockers.

3-0. Great Kaitlin Mckendall pass, permitting a clean set that Risch crushes.

5-3. Nevins makes an incredible one-armed up to keep the point alive and Risch pounds one off the blockers.

7-9. Timeout Dons after another big Broncos stampede. Somebody call Bart the Sheriff of Rock Ridge!

10-12. Webster finds a gap in the block.

11-13. Westergren fires a nifty kill to keep the Dons close.

12-13. Beautiful cross-court winner from Risch.

16-17. Saving back line up from Cailey McVay that Risch kills, and then Webster dumps a winner into the campfire…Taggert shakes his head on the Northgate sidelines over that one.

18-20. Rachel Go smartly sets up a kill.

19-23. Darin kill. Dons hanging on to the saddle horn.

19-25. Broncos buck harder and the Dons cannot stay on the mount.


Third Set:

I’m heading over to the Dons bench with “A Fist Full of Dollars” to try and rally the girls. We have to corral the Broncs right now or this one is over.

3-1. McVay Ace!

6-5. Broncos called timeout at 4-1 and ran off four straight. Then Clever fires an Ace!

7-6. Nevins delivers a nice block and Broncos brush the barbwire (net violation).

10-9. Zoe McPhail comes in and delivers two perfect passes. Risch kills the set off the second one. Fresh horses!

11-9. Dons struggling with on-court communication, but they keep it alive long enough with pure hustle for Webster to fire a clean shot into the back corner.

13-11. Higgins kill. This one is a hoof-biter.

15-14. Great up from Mckendall and Nevins finishes from the “Oppo” spot with a kill.

16s. Kennedy Cornish gets a kill in the middle.

17-16. Go! Ace!

20s. Long ref discussion. Do-over.

23-21. It ain’t pretty on either side of the fence y’all.

24-21. Nevins kills the overpass! Yummy like a sugar cube for the pony.

25-23. Dons finally win this set! Epic struggle to rope in the Broncos.


Fourth Set:

I guess this time I’ll implore the Dons with “For a Few Dollars More” to keep this match going.

1s. Higgins skys high and pounds a kill off the block.

3-2. Risch power slams the tight Webster set.

4s. Timeout Dons to plan a Round-Up.

5-4. Cornish rips one. Winner.

8-9. Claire McNally rolls in like the “High Plains Drifter”, steps up on defense, makes a nice pass, and Higgins finishes off a kill. Yippee Ky Yay!

11s. Higgins ties it up. Yahoo!

12-11. Nevins Roof! Time out Northgate.

14s. Risch ties it again.

15-17. Risch kills it again after yet another crucial Broncos stampede. Northgate is really playing consistently well tonight.

16-17. R-Go Ace!

16-19. Time out Dons. Trying to stop the Broncos from riding off into the sunset.

17-21. Webster smart placement kill.

17-25. Dons get bucked in the fourth and head to the rodeo clowns. This was just not their night and hats off to Northgate for a great match.


Dons fall to 3-2 in league play and travel to the Mata-dome on Thursday night for the second tilt of the year with arch-rival Miramonte. Come on out and wear your BLUE! Go Dons!



Oct 7 – Saturday Sports

In Fridays action…

The football team defeated Concord HS 63-14. The jv team also prevailed 62-0.

The girls water polo team defeated Clovis East HS 11-3 in the Clovis North Round-Up.

The boys water polo team was defeated by Corona Del Mar HS and defeated Mater Dei HS in the Southern California Invitational in Irvine.

In Saturdays action…

The boys water polo team competes in the Southern California Invitational in Irvine.

The girls water polo team competes in the Clovis North Round-Up.

The jv girls volleyball team competes in the East County Tournament in Pittsburg.

Oct 6 – Friday Sports

In Thursdays action…

The girls volleyball team defeated College Park HS 25-15, 25-12, 25-17.

The girls tennis team was edged out by the narrowest of margins by Northgate HS 5-4 with three 3-set matches.

The freshman football team shutout San Marin HS 34-0.

In Fridays action…

The football team plays Concord HS at Ygnacio Valley HS. JV at 4:30 and varsity at 7:00.

The girls golf team has a match against Las Lomas HS at Rossmoor GC at 3:30.

The boys water polo team competes in the Southern California Invitational in Irvine.

The girls water polo team competes in the Clovis North Round-Up.

In Saturdays action…

The boys water polo team competes in the Southern California Invitational in Irvine.

The girls water polo team competes in the Clovis North Round-Up.

The jv girls volleyball team competes in the East County Tournament in Pittsburg.

Thursdays individual standouts…

Girls tennis. Sydney Bell, Jasmine Toni and Erin Caulfield won singles matches. Megan Cardiff & Maddie McDonagh won their doubles match.

Freshman football. Brady Huchingson completed 12 of 16 passes for 209 yards and 5 touchdown completions to Jackson Aris-Dumas, Nico Cortessis, Dane Jenssen, Sam Heyman and Sam Higgins. Scott Hafner had 5.5 tackles, Garrett Siegel had 4.5 tackles and Ryan Tresser had 3 tackles.

Oct 5 – Thursday Sports

In Wednesdays action…

The girls water polo team found themselves in a back-and-forth battle with Campolindo HS and came out the winner in an exciting 7-6 league game. The jv team led off the evening with a strong 5-3 victory.

Ava Dunleavy
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The boys water polo team would not give in, yet fell to the highly ranked Campolindo HS.

Bennett Winther
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In Thursdays action…

The girls tennis team has a match against Northgate HS at 3:30. Varsity is home and jv is away.

The girls volleyball team plays at College Park HS. Freshmen at 4:00, jv at 5:00 and varsity at 6:30.

The freshman football team hosts San Marin HS at 6:30.

Wednesdays individual standouts…

Boys water polo. Jacob Parker scored 2 goals and had 2 steals. Bennett Winther and Max Stryker each scored 2 goals and had 1 steal. Jake Stone scored 1 goal and had 1 steal.

Jake Stone
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Oct 3 – Acalanes v. Las Lomas Girls Volleyball

After a weekend excursion to the desert for the Nike Tournament of Champions, Your Acalanes Dons Girls Volleyball traveled to Las Lomas Tuesday night for the first league road match of the season. The Dons faced some tough national competition in Phoenix and got stronger as a unit. Their resilience was certainly tested by the Knights:

First Set:

1-0. Sam Darin kill of the Kaitlyn Mckendell covering set (from the libero position).

3-2. Madi Risch kills the Lane Webster set.

4s. Sarah Westergren fires an angle kill from the right side.

7-9. Have to say it…both teams playing pretty sloppy ball right now!

9-11. Cailey McVay delivers a timely Ace!

10-11. Risch! Roof!

12s. Great Elsa Clever serve that takes the Knights out of system, and then Clever comes right back with a pure pass and the Dons tie it up.

14s. Rachel Go sets Risch for a kill and the Dons rally again from down two to tie.

15-14. Kennedy Cornish puts up a big block and roofs it!

18-16. Darin with a huge kill.

18-20. Rough patch. Timeout Dons.

19-20. Webster “Oppo” kill.

20s. Darin angle kill.

22-20. Clever kill in the middle as the Dons are on a roll. T.O. L.L.

23-20. Westergren kills the Webster set. Wonderful.

24-20. Clever Roof. Cool.

25-20. Darin delivers. Dons win the first.


Second Set:

1-0. Darin picks up right where she left of: with a kill!

3-0. Westergren kill and solid McVay serving serves the Dons well.

4-0. McVay serving gets even better: Ace!

6-1. Clever Ace! Dons serving great tonight. Timeout Knights.

8-5. Risch kills a solid Go set to staunch a little Knights run.

9-5. Grace Higgins steps into the Oppo spot and nails a corner kill.

10-7. Mckendell playing beautiful “D”, keeping the points alive for Acalanes.

12s. Knights charge back to tie it.

13-12. Darin kill to retake the lead.

18-12. Risch kill and Westergren kill, and then another Risch kill and Westergren kill, backed by great McFamily defense (McVay & Mckendell), and smooth Webster sets, and the Dons re-assert control. Timeout LL.

21-14. Westergren again, with a smartly executed roll shot kill.

22-14. Clever Ace!

24-15. “R-Go” Ace to get to set point!

25-18. Risch kill finishes it. Untouched by human hands.


Third Set:

1-6. Clever and Westergren get a block after a super-slow Dons start to the 3rd (but not for lack of hustle). Knights have raised their defensive game significantly since the start.

2-6. McVay Ace!

3-6. Westergren kill! Lead cut in half.

6s. Clever Roof, Clever kill. Set tied!

7-6. Sweet Westergren up to Webster, who dumps a “deke” set over the net for a winner. Sneaky.

8s. Textbook Mckendell pass to Webster. Textbook Webster set to Risch. Textbook Risch kill. Been studyin’, ya-know?

9-13. Long, rough, patch.

13-17. Darin fires a kill off the blocker’s fingers. “Touch!” everyone yells.

15-17. Your correspondent calls it: Webster Ace! It was time. (Then your correspondent almost yelled “Let’s Go Knights!” because he is a Las Lomas alumni, but he caught himself in time…all Blue now baby.)

15-20. Timeout Dons. Acalanes not able to climb the mountain…yet.

15-24. Sometimes it’s pretty. Sometimes it’s not.

17-24. Nice Clever roof, but then the Knights take set 3, 17-25.


Fourth Set:

1-0. Clever kill in the middle off of the “1” set from Webster.

3-0. Risch deep corner placement kill.

4s. Knights take the lead, but Westergren ties it back up with a sharp kill.

7-4. Clever Ace! Dons storm back.

8-5. Super McVay pass. Cornish kills the set.

10-7. Higgins flushes an overpass. Yummy.

12-8. Darin kill x2.

13-8. Darin x3. Great Mckendell serving and Go setting.

14-15. Big rough patch at the wrong time!

16-18. Dons scuffling. They get a much needed Risch kill. Team is really up and down tonight. Jet lagged from the AZ trip?

17-20. Hayes Hollar get a kill.

17-22. Timeout Dons. Yikes.

18-25. Knights take the Fourth Set and push this match to decisive Fifth!


Fifth Set:

2s. Risch kill as the Dons fight back from down two…this set is only to 15…

3-2. McVay Ace! Crucial serving tonight by Cailey.

4-2. Another McVay Ace!

6-4. Sweet McVay pass. Cornish kill, and the Dons keep the Knights at bay.

7-4. Webster crushes an overpass for a kill! Sa-weet! Timeout LL.

8-6. Cornish roof!

10s. Trading points, and the Dons are giving more than they are getting at the moment. Dons really struggling for any consistent rhythm tonight. A bit stressful.

11-10. Westergren kill. Needed it.

12-10. Risch tools the block. Needed that too.

13-11. Now Westergren kills off the blockers.

14-11. Clever Ace! OMG! Match Point for the Dons! Timeout Knights.

14-12. Dons hit long!…still match point.

15-12. Knights serve it long and out. Sad but the Dons will take the “W”! Game over! Match over! Dons win. PHEW!


Dons win the match in 5 sets and move to 2-1 in league play. The girls travel to College Park on Thursday night for another road contest. Come on over and watch, then get IN-N-OUT.

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