Acalanes Boys Varsity Soccer Win in First Round CIF NCS vs Sonoma Valley High

Will Easley

In the first 5 minutes of the game the Dons Jack Muren with a beautiful assist to Kade Finegold who finished the play with a header and first goal of the game. 1-0

Nick Geannacopulos wanted to put his name on the Stats and in “Nicol fashion” a strong run and kick… GOAL! 2-0 Dons at half

Second half started quickly and within the first 2 minutes Owen Hansen out maneuvered the defense for another Dons goal. 3-0 Dons

Offense playing strong the whole game, Jack Muren drew a Penalty Kick which brought Nick Geannacopulos to the front of the goal once again. Great shot to the top of the net and one more goal for Nick. 4-0 The game would end with a shutout vs. Sonoma Valley High.

Acalanes Boys Varsity Soccer tied with Clayton Valley in final League game.

It was a battle back and forth throughout the game. A great match to watch with a amazing goal from Rhett Skvarna. Assisted by Charlie Peacock with the kick and a header from Rhett in the goal! 1-0 Acalanes

Clayton Valley came back fast with a goal! 1-1 to end the first half.

Second half both teams with plenty of chances for goals but Senior Goalie Will Easley would not let a goal in. Amazing saves and a tough game.

Tied 1-1

Dons Varsity Boys Soccer Win over Berean Christian

The Boys Varsity Soccer came out fast with Nick Geannacopulos starting the tempo with a Goal in the first 5 minutes of the game. 1-0 Keeping the play on our end of the field, Rhett Skvarna had a beautiful shot from the side of the goal 2-0 Dons. Nick being in position once again shot another strong high kick for his second goal in the first half . 3-0

Second half of the game tempo was the same for the Dons but Berean picked the pace up on their end of the field within the first minutes an goal 3-1 Dons. The Dons defense figuring out that Berean was here to play, got stronger but unfortunately got a penalty. PK Goal Berean 3-2

The offense back in action in the last 15 minutes of the game Kade Finegold dropped a goal to get his name on the board. 4-2 The play back and forth going strong until the las 2 minutes of the game Garret Siegel ran the field drawing out goalie assisted a pass to Jack Muren for the final Goal. 5-2 Dons with the Win over Berean Christian.

Acalanes Boys Varsity Soccer shutout Alhambra 2-0

Charlie Peacock looking for an outlet pass
Carson Gragg keeping the ball in play

The Dons really kicked it in shutting out Alhambra 2-0. In the beginning of the second half Charlie Peacock ran the field with a beautiful goal. 1-0

Later in the second half a cross from the right to Jack Muren with a shot and goal! 2-0 The Dons will play their next League Match at Acalanes v Berean Christian Wednesday at 7:00

Acalanes Varsity Boys Soccer run by Benicia with a 6-1 Win.

The Dons came out strong in the first half of the game with an assist by Nick Geannacopulos to Kade Finegold with the first goal at 1-0. Continuing with a quick offense Charlie Peacock all alone in the field shot a strong goal. 2-0 Dons.

Keeping up the offense tempo the Dons drew a PK and Nick Geannacopulos scored one for the team. A strong ending to the first half with the Dons at 3-0.

Starting the second half not as strong as the first the Dons defense had a bit of a challenge and lost one goal to Benicia 3-1. After a quick talk the team rallied an came back strong with another amazing goal by Kade Finegold assisted by a beautiful kick down the field by Daniel Adri. 4-1

Owen Hansons turn with a header goal assisted by Charlie Peacock. Dons running strong with a 5-1 lead. In the last minutes of the game Jack Muren decided he wanted to be on the board and ran a strong sprint down the side of the field and scored one for the team. Dons win 6-1

Boys Varsity Soccer shut out Mt. Diablo 2-0

The Boys Varsity Soccer had a great start to the New Year shutting out Mt. Diablo 2-0. It started out in the first ten minutes of the game with Charlie Peacock with a corner kick to Owen Hanson with a header goal! 1-0

Midway in the second half of the game Nick Geannacopulos stole the ball and ran it alone to the other end of the field with a beautiful Goal!!! 2-0 Dons win.

Acalanes Soccer Boys Varsity take down Miramonte 2-0

The Boys Varsity had a physical game against Miramonte but in the end the Dons came up with the Victory! Late in the first half Charlie Peacock assisted to Rhett Skvarna who scored a beautiful shot. 1-0 Acalanes

In the second half Miramonte came out strong but Will Easely blocked 2 shots and defending his goal. Mid way in the second half Nick Geannacopulos came out with a strong shot and GOAL! Dons win their second League Match 2-0. Way to go Dons!