Busy Weekend for Track and Field

The weekend started early for the Acalanes Track and Field Team on Friday, May 1st at 1:30pm, where the team hosted approximately 500 athletes from 22 surrounding bay area schools to attend the Charlie Eaton/Bob Warren Annual Meet.

On Saturday, May 2nd, a few of the chosen athletes went on to compete at the Sacramento Meet of Champions where Cameron Gaskell took 10th Place in the 3200 with a PR run of 9:34.63. The Girls 4X400 Team (Imani Boggan, Annie Klopstock, Muppy Gragg, Maya Michon) took 3rd Place with a run time of 4:03.80 – their 2nd fastest noted time this year.

Congratulations to all that participated this weekend and many thanks to all that volunteered!

Listed below are the Top Ten Results from the Charlie Eaton Meet:

Men’s Women’s
100 Meter Varsity 100 Meter Hurdle Varsity
9th Applin, Daniel 11.62 3rd Davis, Anna 17.44
3000 Meter Varsity 4th Grobeck, Devin 17.45
4th Woodworth, Zachary 9:52.59 4X200 Varsity Relay Team
110 Meter Hurdles Varsity 5th 1:53.76
9th Chiem, Jonathan 17.80 4X200 F/S Relay Team
4X100 Relay Team Varsity 5th 2:13.23
10th 46.31 4X400 Varsity Relay Team
4X100 Relay Team F/S 9th 4:41.90
10th 50.86 4X800 Varsity Relay Team
4X200 Relay Team Varsity 8th 11:06.02
10th 1:37.46 4X1600 Varsity Relay Team
4X400 Relay Team F/S 4th 23:55.34
7th 4:02.76 High Jump Varsity
4X800 Relay Team Varsity 6th Marrone, Veronica   4′ 6″ft
7th 8:55.49 Pole Vault Varsity
4X1600 Relay Team F/S 9th Khan, Mariam 8′ 6″ft
5th 22:25.40 Pole Vault F/S
Pole Vault F/S 3rd Brown, Samantha 7′ 6″ft
8th Camilleri, Julien 8′ 0″ft 7th Florine, Mari 7′ 6″ft
9th Siu, Ryan 8′ 0″ft Long Jump Varsity
Pole Vault Varsity 2nd Lyons, Julia16′ 8.75″ft
6th Shimotake, Alex 11′ 6″ft Triple Jump Varsity
Triple Jump Varsity 3rd Marrone, Veronica 32′ 5.25″ft
5th Westemeier, Ethan 39′ 11.50″ft 4th Klopstock, Annie 31′ 5.50″
Shot Put Varsity 7th Grobeck, Devin 30′ 7.25″
8th Rader, Anthony 41′ 9″ft PR Shot Put F/S
9th Christansen, Joey 39′ 10.75″ft 8th House, Naomi 21′ 8.50″ft
10th Parkin, Daniel 39′ 6″ft Discus Varsity
Discus Varsity 10th Volga, Michelle 77′ 3″ft
5th Brydon, Jack 133′ 10″ Discus F/S
6th Rader, Anthony 130′ 2.50″ 7th House, Naomi 57′ 0″ft
9th Olson, Olivia 53′ 6″ft