Acalanes Girls Volleyball v. Petaluma NCS First Round 10/31/2017

Acalanes v. Petaluma NCS First Round 10/31/2017

Halloween Night. And YOUR Acalanes Dons Girls Volleyball Team hit the road to Petaluma
High for the First Round of the 2017 NCS Division III playoffs. The #12 Seed, but Defending State Champ Dons were hoping to make it Fright Night for the #5 Seed Trojans.

First Set:

1-0. Theresa Nevins one for the first score of the match.
2-0. Cailey McVay Ace!
3-1. Madi Risch drills a kill to the sideline.
4-1. Elsa Clever kills an overpass. Yummy.
5-1. Grace Higgins sharp angle kill off the Maddie Kalil set. Dons off to a good start.
8-4. Now Rachel Go setting and serving, Clever gets a kill and then a Go Ace!
11-8. Sam Darin delivers a kill after a Trojans mini-run.
13s. Tied up. Both teams playing tight.
17-15. Go to Clever for a big kill!
18-17. Lane Webster “tools” the blockers for a kill. Needed that one to retake the lead.
19-17. Clever Roof!
21-19. Clever covers the set and tees it up perfectly for Webster, who tools the blockers again with a hard hit.
22s. Tied up. What a battle.
24-22. Net violation Petaluma…24-23…24s tied again and OT…
25-24. Risch kills it ugly. Dons will take it at this point!
26-24. Kaitlyn Mckendell’s wicked serve Aces for the set win. Clutch!

Second Set:

5-2. Kalil to Higgins….powered off a Trojan defender for a kill.
7-2. Mckendell kill from the Libero jersey. Fancy.
8-2. Risch big kill. Timeout Petaluma. Great start by the Dons.
9-2. Clever Roof out of the timeout! So many great highlights right now.
11-5. Sarah Westergren sneaky slide kill from the Webster set.
12-8. Darin kill at the right time.
13-11. Webster dump into the “campfire.”
14-11. Nevins block.
15-13. Sweet Risch pass. Sweet Kalil set. Sweet Darin kill. Like Halloween candy.
17-14. Simply beautiful swing and kill from Risch. Like hot melted caramel.
20-21. Oh no! HUGE Petaluma rally to take the lead. Timeout Dons.
21-22. Clever big block to get closer.
22s…Dons fight back…22-23…23 all (Trojans serve it long!)
24-23. Kalil wicked serve causes an overpass…which Nevins flushes with authority. Set point!
25-23. Nevins & Webster roof!!! Dons win the 2nd, showing some real grit. Yasssss.

Third Set:

1s. Risch hammer kill.
2-1. McKendell McAce!
7-5. Webster fireball Ace!
9-5. Clever kill. Dons recapture the momentum.
11-6. Risch Ace!
12-6. Risch dives forward with her arm stretched out and “pancakes” it, saving the point, and then Webster dumps another sneaky one over the net to score “on 2” against the unsuspecting and shocked Trojans.
13-7. Hayes Hollar delivers a key winning roll shot. Smart cookie!
16-9. Kennedy Cornish in and scores a kill, and then Webster kills an overpass. Timeout
Petaluma as their home gym is becoming a haunted house.
18-12. McVay nice pass to Go, who sets Risch perfectly. You know what happens next.
21-15. Great Dons passing in the back row from McKendell, McVay and Risch. Hollar rewards them with a kill.
22-15. Claire McNally serve: Trojans can’t get it back over.
23-17. Webster sets Nevins in the middle and “Tee” crushes one off the body of a defender for a kill. Ouchy.
24-17. Nevins backs it up with another kill. She is taking over the match down the stretch…a Nightmare for the Trojan defenders
25-17. And Nevins finishes it off with yet another kill. Dons win!

Big Dons road win in 3 sets over Petaluma. Now they head to face the #4 Seed Moreau
Catholic (Hayward) at 7pm on Saturday night as the NCS tournament action continues. Be

Acalanes Girls Volleyball vs. Northgate 10/26/2017

Acalanes v. Northgate 10/26/2017
Your A.D.G.V.T. traveled over hill and dale out to Northgate Ranch to face the Broncos in the final League Match of the 2017 DAL Season. It was sure to be a big challenge against the much-improved Broncos. Here are the highlights from the Last Rodeo:

First Set:

3-4. Dons bounce back from a slow start with a big Madi Risch kill. Untouched.
5-6. Maddie Kalil sets Grace Higgins at Oppo for a kill.
8-11. Timeout Dons to try and get sharper…
9-11. Lane Webster sets up Elsa Clever in the middle. Clever rewards us all with a kill.
10-11. Kaitlyn Mckendell’s wicked serve brings the Dons closer.
11-12. Zoe McPhail sweet dig and then Theresa Nevins gets a big kill in the middle.
13s. Sam Darin makes a perfect pass, then hits, and the Broncos can’t recover.
16-15. Dons take the lead on the Webster dump over the net.
17-19. Rough patch as the Dons lose 4 in a row, then Risch kills it. Phew.
18-21. Clever kill.
19-21. Super Webster dig off a big Bronco hit keeps the point alive and the Dons score.
21-23. Cailey McVay serves a gem and then makes two awesome passes during the point and Higgins finishes it off with a kill.
22-24. McKendell’s turn to pass purely and Higgins again finishes it off after much back and forth. Timeout Broncos. Can the Dons turn this one?
22-25. No.

Second Set:

1s. Sarah Westergren delivers a point with a roll shot.
3-4. Kalil to Westergren. Kill.
4-5. McPhail carefully watches a serve go long. Good eye baby!
5s. Risch ties it with a back-corner Ace. Woo! Woo! Woo!
6-7. Rachel Go sets Darin for a beautiful sharp angle kill that finds the sideline. Sassy.
11-10. The teams are trading points. Risch hammers a kill.
13-14. McVay to Kalil to Westergren. Textbook v-ball as Westergren tools the block.
16-14. R-Go Ace! Time out Northgate after a nice Dons run.
17-15. Webster hammers a kill off of a Bronco. Yah!
20-16. WILD point. Dons somehow score after 41 seconds of back and forth.
21-18. Darin fires a kill! Huge point.
22-23. But the Broncos stampede back into the lead. Timeout Dons.
23s…Westergren vital kill…24s…Broncos serve it long…overtime…
24-26. Dons NO again.

Third Set:

4-8. Another slow Dons start to the set. Risch kills one.
5-8. Clever block!
7-10. Long rally again. So many of those tonight. Super hustle from both teams. Hayes Hollar kills one off the blockers.
8-11. Darin kill. Need every bit of it.
11-13. Kalil rips an Ace.
13-15. McVay McMoney Serve.
15-17. Clever. See 5-8 above.
16-17. McPhail sends a tricky little free-ball over the net and it works! Score.
17s. McPhail also fires three great consecutive serves, adds a silky set to Kalil (who sets
Clever in the middle). Bam! Tied Up!
18-19. Risch huge kill off the blockers. The ball flies from the net all the way back past the Dons endline. OK.
19-20. Risch kills a scrambling Webster set. Dons scrambling everywhere trying to get this win.
20-21. Darin kill to keep the Dons close. Do or Die.
20-25. Dons don’t Do, unfortunately, and Dons lose in 3 sets to the Broncos.

Tough loss to end League play at 5-5, and Sombreros off to Northgate who played really well.

Now the Lady Dons will wait to see if they have some NCS playoff volleyball in their future.
Watch this space.

Acalanes Varsity Football defeats Campolindo

Oct 27, 2017 – Brian Miles

In an epic varsity football game that no one who attended will ever forget Acalanes beat Campolindo 35-28 on Friday night. The game started with the Cougars in control but Chris Rogers electrified the crowd with a brilliant catch on a long bomb to cut the Campo lead to 14-7 early in the game. The Dons scored again to tie the game at 14-14, but Campo mounted a drive before halftime and it appeared it would take the lead going into halftime. But Ryan Nall and Brian Merken had other ideas. Nall used his size and speed to pressure Campo’s star qb, John Torchio, who floated a pass that was picked off by Merken in the end zone. This sent the Dons into halftime with all of the momentum.

Robby Rowell owned the second half willing his team to perhaps the biggest win in the history of the program. Rowell hit Rogers again to put the Dons up 21-14 and had some monster runs to extend drives and give the Dons key first Dons. Rowell finished the night with a whopping 175 yards rushing.

But Campo would not go down without a fight and after a Torchio interception actually had the ball in a 21-21 game. Enter Nall who sacked Torchio and got the ball back on downs for Acalanes. A Rowell to Merken TD made the score 28-21, but Campo answered yet again to tie the game at 28.

In a fitting end to an amazing game, Rowell faked to running back Jake Delaney and somehow made his way through numerous Campo defenders to score the game winning TD for the Dons with 6 seconds left.

The play of Acalanes’ offensive line was rock solid all night as they consistently gave Rowell sufficient time to throw and opened holes for running backs Delaney and Keaziah Smith. Delaney sparkled in the second half with some nice runs to keep the Campo defense honest. Nick Henderson led the defense as he has done all season long.

The Acalanes community thanks Floyd Burnsed and his coaching staff for leading the team to this program changing win. Go Dons!

Acalanes Freshman Girls Volleyball vs Northgate

Acalanes Freshman Girls Volleyball – by Hunter Davis
October 26 – On Thursday, the Freshman Lady Dons Volleyball team fought the traffic out to Northgate for their final match of a great season. The first game was tight early with the teams trading points. Specialists Maren Takeuchi, Daisy Sibley and Libby Rossdid a nice job handling some difficult serves, and Carly Coffee provided the early offense, but the Broncos were up to the challenge.  The game reached 15-15 before a nice run of play from the Dons stretched the lead as Lauren Davis got a right side kill off a sweet five from setter Megan GoAudrey Passalacqua put down two over passes with authority and Samantha Hansen and Lauren teamed up for two roofs. Audrey then ran off a series of jump serves to put the team up for good and the Dons won 25-21.

The team started off a little slow in the second game….likely because superfan Katie Sowarby broke with superstition and forced the parents to switch ends of the bleachers. The Dons stabilized on a Lyla Cox kill followed by a couple of nice saves from libero Sydney Sowarby and another block from the right side. However, the Broncos put together a strong run despite some spirited parent chants led by father-of-the-year candidate Mark Passalacqua, and took the second game.

The pivotal third game started off better for the Dons as strong passing from Maren and Daisy and a nice serving run from Chloe Wu gave the Dons the lead.  A kill from Lyla off a perfect Bella Draper set put the squad up 11-8 and ended a run for Northgate. The team finished strong, highlighed by a great bump set from Sydney after Megan was forced to dig, which led to a Lauren kill, and a nice up from Chloe that Samantha scrambled to keep out of the net and in play. The match, and the season, ended with Lauren stuffing an over pass for the win. Celebrity Doctor and statistician Alan Go was “happy to see our Lady Dons finish off both a terrific victory!”  Good match and great season Dons!

DAL #2 Cross Country Meet Results-October 25, 2017

The Dons competed in the DAL #2 Meet at Newhall Park in Concord on Wednesday, October 25.  They faced some tough competition in the October heat.
Top Don’s top 5 runners in each race are featured below:
Boys’ Frosh/Soph finishers in the 1.95 mile race featured Max Nelson (Fr) 12:09.9, Tucker Starbuck (Fr) 12:18.4, Ethan Sanguinet (Fr) 12:20.3, Harrison Mains (Fr) 12:24.0, and Thomas Judson 12:38.5 with 28th, 39th, 41st,  44th, and 49th place finishes, respectively, out of the 152-man field.
Girls’ Frosh/Soph finishers in the 1.95 mile race featured Maxine D’Orazio (So) 16:22.0, Kate Stenger (Fr) 16:48.4, Lauren Stenger (Fr) 17:20.4, Summer Helvey (Fr) 17:32.4, and Tori Wang (So) 18:06.6 with 38th, 43rd, 52nd, 56th, and 60th place finishes, respectively, out of a strong 70-women field.
Boys’ JV finishers in the 1.95 mile race featured Nicholas Collins-Yarnell (Jr) 12:35.2, Ben Hall (Jr) 12:51.7, Brian Ohleyer (Sr) 13:13.4, Josh Evans (Fr) 13:20.1, and Bryan Lam (Sr) 13:32.6 with 47th, 56th, 71st, 74th, and 78th place finishes, respectively, out of the 148-man field.
Girls’ JV finishers in the 1.95 mile race featured Julia Helvey (Jr) 15:12.5, Emersyn White (Jr) 15:14.6, Lexie Asadorian (Fr) 15:20.9, Isabella Gonzalez (So) 16:47.2, and Audrey Burns (Fr) 17:14.8 with 31st, 33rd, 35th, 52nd, and 56th place finishes, respectively, out of the 79-woman field.
Boys’ Varsity finishers in the 2.95 mile race featured Ethan Frigon (Sr) 16:19.6, Joshua Starr (Jr) 16:31.8, Nick Hutson (So.) 16:48.1, Dominic Basaldua (Fr) 16:53.7, and Harrison Seymour (So) 16:59.4 with 16th, 24th, 27th, 28th, and 31st place finishes out of a very fast 73-man field.
Girls’ Varsity finishers in the 2.95 mile race featured Nicole Frigon (Fr) 19:36.7, Annie Klopstock (Sr) 22:11.2, Beth Hamalian (Fr) 22:16.1, Caroline Kelly (Sr) 22:19.4, and Binti Sohn (Fr) 22:29.1 with 20th, 42nd, 43rd, 44th, and 45th place finishes, respectively, out of the 55-woman field.
Great running Dons!  Next up for the Dons is the DAL Championship Meet at Hidden Valley in Martinez on Saturday, November 4 at 9:00.

Acalanes Freshmen Girls Volleyball vs College Park

Acalanes Freshman Girls Volleyball – by Hunter Davis
October 24 – On Wednesday, the Acalanes Freshman Girls Volleyball team took on the College Park Falcons in the second leg of a back-to-back following Monday’s win over Miramonte. The game started out a bit choppy with College Park keeping it close to 10-10, which may have been attributed to several players trying out new positions. The defense was solid early on behind Daisy Sibleyand Maren Takeuchi, with Chloe Wu and Libby Ross each rotating in to serve and provide support. The team settled in a bit as freshly minted outside Lyla Cox put down some hits, new middle Lauren Davis came through with a few kills and stuffs, and Bella Draper was swinging away at oppo. Veteran setter Megan Go did a nice job distributing to both her new weapons, and the front row tandem of Samantha Hansen and Carly Coffee who each contributed in their traditional roles. The Dons pulled away to win the first set 25-19.

Carly stepped up in the start of the second set as well painting the end line for two early kills, as Megan served off 20 consecutive points before a Falcons side out. Audrey Passalacqua came in to close out the second set serving and playing DS, while libero Sydney Sowarby, who had enough digs for 2 matches in her standout performance Monday had the night off as the Dons closed out College Park 25-2. Congrats to all the Seniors!

Acalanes Freshmen Girls Volleyball vs Miramonte

Acalanes Freshman Girls Volleyball – by Hunter Daivs

October 23 – The Acalanes Freshman Girls Volleyball team travelled to Miramonte for a rare Monday road matchup against the Matadors.  The game was tight early as both teams were strong on offense and defense, getting out to 15-15 as Lyla Cox, Carly Coffee and Lauren Davis pounded some hits, while Maren Takeuchi and Daisy Sibley teamed up for outstanding defense. A great serving run from setter Megan Go sparked the Dons to a 22-15 lead with Libby Ross coming in to serve and play specialist as well. Miramonte eventually countered back to a 25-24 lead. Needing to stay alive the team played a superb point highlighted by two digs and ultimately a back row kill from the always solid libero Sydney Sowarby. Getting the ball at 25-25, Lauren fired off two unreturnable serves to secure the win. Parent Ken Coffee, resplendant in his 1980s Miramonte hoops jersey was duly impressed, in between humming bars of “Glory Days.”

The Dons took the momentum into the second set jumping out to a 7-0 lead with Megan serving bombs and getting Samantha Hansen and Audrey Passalacqua involved in the offense. Miramonte recovered a bit but the Dons built a 17-6 lead with Chloe Wu coming in to serve. Bella Draper sets to Samantha and Carly provided the punch to go along with more great defense from the trio of Sydney, Daisy, and Maren. The Mats came back to 17-14, at which point Megan pulled a set out of the net that Lauren finished with a tight angle kill and Audrey added a delicate tip to take back the mo. Carly ran a nice service run to 24-15, culminating in a long match point that ended with Lyla stuffing an over pass for the win, 25-17. Great game Dons!

Cross Country Rough Rider Invitational – Oct 13

The Dons competed in the Rough Rider Invitational in Fresno on Friday, October 13. It was an exciting meet!

Boys JV 2.2 mile:

Fr. Harrison Mains – 33rd Place 12:33.2
Fr. Tucker Starbuck – 102nd Place 13:26.5
Jr. Ethan Johnston – 149th Place 14:07.2
So. Austin Poole – 214th Place 15:20.2
Jr. Callan O’Brien – 227ths Place 15:53.2

Boys Varsity 3.1 mile: Acalanes finished 5th out of 29 teams!!

Jr. Riley Noon – 27th Place 17:16.7
Sr. Ethan Frigon – 39th Place 17:38.6
Jr. Joshua Starr – 48th Place 17:45.9
Fr. Dominic Basaldua – 51st Place 17:51.5
So. Harrison Seymour – 54th Place 17:56.4
Fr. Sam Roth – 59th Place 18:02.8
So. Nick Hutson – 62nd Place 18:07.5
Fr. Derek Kotarba – 67th Place 18:10.8
So. Ben Krey – 187th Place 20:55.7

Girls JV 2.2 mile

Jr. Coco Cornish -39th Place 15:29.5
Jr. Julia Helvey – 54th Place 15:47.6
Fr. Lexie Asadorian – 79th Place 16:30.4
Fr. Summer Helvey – 120th Place 17:30.3
Fr. Katie Bettencourt – 146th Place 17:59.2

Girls Varsity 3.1 mile

Fr. Nicole Frigon – 28th Place 20.56.7
Fr. Beth Hamalian -72nd Place 22:58.7
Fr. Binti Sohn – 74th Place 23:03.2
So. Sidney Zimmerman – 94th Place 23:45.5
Sr. Annie Klopstock – 95th Place 23:48.1
Fr. Taylor Hill – 113th Place 24:19.9
Sr. Anna Mary Starr – 119th Place 24:27.0
Sr. Caroline Kelly – 122nd Place 24:32.0
So. Emily Sverak – 140th Place 25:38.6
Fr. Lena Johnson – 150th Place 26:36.4

The Dons should be proud of their hard work! Most results were personal records!


Freshman Girls Volleyball – Oct 19

Freshman Girls Volleyball – by Hunter Davis

October 19 – The Acalanes Freshman Girls Volleyball team took on Las Lomas on Thursday, amid the balloons and posters of the “Dig Pink” cancer awareness and prevent fundraising campaign. The festive atmosphere carried on into the early part of the match as the home team jumped out to a quick lead on kills from Lyla Cox, Lauren Davis and Daisy Sibley, all from setter Megan Go. Libby Ross came in with a streak of serves early, along with some nice digs, while libero Sydney Sowarby’s defensive play helped the team keep possession. Lyla added several aces, drawing acclaim from local volleyball enthusiast Dan Meade. The Dons continued their strong perfomance and nailed down a 25-8 game one victory.

Set two started out more balanced with the Knights taking a 6-5 lead early. Daisy put the Dons on top again 8-6 with two aces, outsides Carly Coffee and Audrey Passalacqua put hits down and Lyla stuffed an over-pass to stretch the lead to 11-7. Samantha Hansen added three quick points and another Carly kill made it 15-9. Las Lomas held tough fighting off difficult serves from Chloe Wu and Maren Takeuchi to get the match to 20-16. The Dons regained the momentum, and a great dig from Chloe on the last point led to a kill from Samantha to secure a 25-17 victory.

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