May 22 – JV Boys Lacrosse

The 2017 DAL Champion JV men’s lacrosse team was celebrated Monday night at the Contra Costa Country Club during the men’s lacrosse banquet.

The team captains opened up with great praise for our two exceptional coaches Taylor Howell and Cole Tanner. Stingy Oliver Rotundo was awarded team MVP, Coast to Coast (C2C) Carson Burill was named defensive MVP. The Hoover award for sucking up ground balls went to Renn Strandberg, The Matt Lynn award for resiliency, working through adversity and hard work went to Edward Gray. Tucker Loughran-Smith Offensive MVP, and Cole Schoenheide Most Improved.

The incredible coaches went on to speak that the roster from top to bottom played great lacrosse, the men not only bought into the system but they bought into themselves. The following awards were also presented.

Robert Montoya – Mr. High Lax IQ, Brooks Thibault – Mr. Inquisative, Jeffery Novack – Mr. Move The Ball, Michael Tarentief – Mr. Face Off King. Wilhem Scheuler – Mr. Quick Dodge. Nick Karr – Mr. Speedy Gonzalez. Edward Gray – Mr. 110%. Carson Gragg – Mr. Fastest Middie. Noah Elze – Mr. Solid Player Solid Athlete. Ben Clark – Mr. Smiley. Charlie Bettencourt – Shooter McGavin. Matt Hess – Mr. Stellar Athlete. Riley Ketchum – Mr. Workhorse. Teo Barakos – Mr. Personality. Leo Cohen – Mr. Great Stops. Tucker Jeveli – Mr. Blossomed. June Jung – Mr. Visual.

Julie Gladden put on a fantastic banquet to celebrate both the varsity and JV men’s program and the strong lacrosse program shows signs that we’ll bring home NCS titles as well as State.

May 5 – Boys JV Lacrosse: May The Force Be With You

The 2017 DVAL Champion men’s lacrosse team completed a perfect undefeated DVAL season schedule defeating Northgate 14-2 on Friday Night.

A strong defensive effort was put in by all positions, and the ball seemed to have spent more time on the carpet than in the sticks of Northgate ball handlers as the Dons forced ground ball after ground ball. The game started with Carson “Mr. Coast to Coast (C2C)” Burill forced two ground balls behind the Dons net. Leo Cohen was dictating the direction Northgate attack men could travel with his long pole. C2C Burill would then do what he does best, pick up a ground ball, go C2C and hit Renn Standberg who scored for the 1-0 lead. Tucker Loughran-Smith (pronounced Lock Ran Smith, not Smythe) brought the ball from behind the net and assisted Standberg who scored for the 2-0 lead. Nick Karr fired from 15 yards out, 3-0. Burill and Cohen forced ground ball and Standberg got the ball to Loughran-Smith 4-0. C2C Burill picked up a ground ball went C2C to Standberg to Loughran-Smith 5-0. Loughran-Smith brought the ball out from behind the net to Standberg to close the quarter out 6-0.

Oliver “Stingy” Rotundo started the 2nd quarter with a great save only to follow up with another save. Charlie Bettencourt forced a ground ball and on the offensive side of the field, Loughran-Smith brought the ball from behind the net, shot and scored, 7-0. Robert Montoya forced a ground ball which was picked up by C2C Burill to Loughran-Smith to Standberg, 8-0. Montoya forced another ground ball followed by a Ben Clark forced ground ball and a save by Stingy Rotundo. The Dons were playing two men down but forced ground balls by Cohen and Standberg help to kill the penalty unharmed. 1 minute before the half Northgate was finally able to get screaming fast ball past Stingy Rotundo, Yet the Dons wouldn’t go away quietly, with 10 seconds left, Loughran-Smith from behind the net and a 9-1 half time lead.

I’m not sure what they drank at half time but the Dons came out on fire in the 3rd. Cohen and Michael Tarentief would force ground balls and after passing the ball around the net Standberg found the upper right corner of the net from the left side of the field, 10-1. An opportunity for Northgate was thwarted by a big hit from C2C Burill and a Stingy Rotundo save. Northgate then got their final goal of the night, 10-2. A C2C Burill forced ground ball was picked up by Matt “Speedy” Hess at the net line. Speedy Hess would go C2C to get the ball to Standberg on the wing who hit Loughran-Smith in front of the goal and found an open Montoya who shot and scored, 11-2. 3 saves by Stingy Rotundo was only interrupted by a Wilhelm Schueler forced ground ball.

Loughran-Smith started the 4th with a shot from 15 yards out for the 12-2 lead. Stingy Rotundo with a save and Cohen with a forced ground ball followed by Clark getting the ball to Tarentief who to Brooks Thibault who scored, 13-2. Speedy Hess forced a ground ball and Schueler got the ball to Noah Elze who threw it across the field to Thibault who scored the final Dons goal, 14-2. June Jung forced a ground ball and the Dons killed a penalty with forced ground balls by Cole Schoenheide and Jung completed the perfect undefeated DVAL schedule and the 2017 DVAL Championship.

May 2 – Boys JV Lacrosse Championship

The men’s JV Lacrosse team wrapped up the DAL Championship Tuesday night with a decisive 11-2 victory over rival Campolindo.

The game was never in doubt as Renn Standberg used a spin move early in the first for a quick 1-0 lead.  The defense played tough with Carson Burill and Cole Schoenheide creating ground balls.  Later in the first Standberg would assist Tucker Loughran-Smith and a 2-0 to close the first.

In the 2nd, Nick Karr would pick up a ground ball and score for a 3-0 lead.  The Dons’ passing was strong and off the faceoff Karr passed to Loughran-Smith who fed Standberg for a 4-0 lead. Riley Ketchum would then hit Standberg who repaid Loughran-Smith for a 5-0 lead at which they would take into halftime.

40 seconds into the 3rd Loughran-Smith would utilize the spin move for a 6-0 lead.  Loughran-Smith then brought the ball from behind the net for a 7-0 lead. Burill better known as Mr. Coast to Coast, picked up a ground ball at the net line, drive to the Campolindo 40, pass to Loughran-Smith who fed Standberg for the 8-0 lead. Leo Cohen had an intimidating interception that seemed to take all the spirit out of the Campolindo sideline.  Standberg driving through a stick to the head that was pushing his head back to score for a 9-0 lead.  With the sun in his eyes and 5 seconds left in 3rd, Campolindo snuck one past goalie Oliver Rotundo. The stingy goalie was seeking his second shutout game of the season.  The 3rd qtr ended with a 9-1 lead.

In the 4th Standberg would score for a 10-1 lead.  Late in the 4th as the benches emptied Campolindo scored their final goal. With 1 minute left, Mr. Coast to Coast Burill would pick up a ground ball, go the distance and dish to Standberg for an 11-2 victory and the DAL Championship.

Mar 28 – Boys JV Lacrosse

Boys JV Lacrosse

improved to 5-1 Tuesday night beating Northgate 13-2.

Tucker Loughran-Smith had another impressive game scoring 5 goals to lead the team. Robert Montoya scored in the third with a great shot off the mat. Matt Hess a first year play of lacrosse scored and impressive goal in the 4th. Charlie Bennencourt added 2 goals, Ben Clark, Jeffrey Novack, Nick Karr and #16 added goals.

The defense added to their excellent year only allowing 2 goals. Leo Cohen was a great resistance to Northgate”s attack and Carson Burrill continues as a ground ball machine. Oliver Rotundo limited Northgate’s offense to 2 goals with his excellent goal tending.

Mar 24 – Boys JV Lacrosse

Boys JV Lacrosse

The Acalanes men’s JV team improved to 5-1 after a 13-7 beat  down of rival Campolindo Friday night.
Tucker Loughran-Smith starred of the first quarter  with a quick goal.  Oliver Rotundo had a great save followed by Carson Burill picking up a ground ball on defense crossing the mid-line with a pass to Jeffery Novack who delivered an assist to Loughran-Smith.  Later in first Carson Gragg made beautiful moves past defenders for a 4-1 Dons lead to end the 1st quarter.
In the second quarter Burill picked up a ground ball went  coast to coast and fed Loughran-Smith for yet another goal.  Leo Cohen then picked up a ground ball crossed the mid-line then passed -to Riley Ketchum who assisted Loughran-Smith for another goal and  a 7-4 half time lead.
Goals were scored by Gragg and Brooks Thibault in the 3rd quarter ending at 9-7..
Cohen had an ecellent  4th quarter with big hits and forced ground balls.  Goals by Novack and Lounghin-Smith sealed the game.

Mar 14 – Boys JV Lacrosse

Boys JV Lacrosse

The men’s JV lacrosse team improved to 4-0 Tuesday night with an 11-1 thrashing of College Park.

Dominate defense in the 1 quarter held College Park to 1 shot which was easily saved by goalie Oliver Rotundo. Tucker Loughran-Smith was fed by Ben Clark and Brooks Thibault for goals.  Cole Shoenheide delivered a big hit to cause a turnover in which Charlie Bettencourt took advantage and scored a goal for a quick 3-0 lead.

In the second quarter Carson Burill who would end the night with 4 ground ball fast breaks, picked up a ground ball traveled coast to coast and finished with a goal.  The defense continued their dominance and allowed for just one shot in the second quarter and the Dons led 8-0 at the half.

In the third quarter Robert Montoya forced his 1st of four ground balls, which was picked up by Loughran-Smith for his 5th goal of the night.  Later in 4th Loughran-Smith fed Montoya for his first goal of the night.

The team will play at Miramonte on Friday night at 5:30pm and Saturday @ Redwood High School at 2pm.