May 13 – Boys Lacrosse Falls in Double Overtime in NCS Quarterfinals

The Don’s Lacrosse Team falls in Double Overtime in the NCS Quarterfinals.

The Dons travelled to Kezar Stadium on Friday afternoon to face University High School in the NCS Quarterfinals. The Dons started out strong with Colin Jeffries scoring the first 2 goals of the game. University scored one but Michael Bone answered back with a goal of his own. Just seconds before the end of the first quarter, University put one more on the board to end the quarter Dons 3 – University 2. The 2nd quarter was very evenly matched with Don goals coming from Nathan Brickman and Colin Jeffries, but each goal was answered back with University goals. Score at halftime was Dons 5 to University 4. The 3rd quarter was a game of ball possession which was evenly distributed between both teams. Despite several attempts, the Dons were unsuccessful in getting the ball past the goalie. University was able to land one in the net which made it a tie game at the end of the 3rd quarter at 5 to 5. With great efforts, neither team was able to score in the 4th quarter and the game ended in a 5 to 5 tie.

Attempts to score were made by both teams in the first sudden death overtime, but great stops by both the University goalie and our own Parker Henderson ended the first 4 minute OT at 5 to 5. With 4 more minutes on the clock, the Dons once again had opportunity and made attempts, but were unable to finish allowing University one final possession and a time out with 1:34 remaining on the clock. University set up their play and successfully planted one in the net with just over a minute left. Game over –  Dons 5 to University 6.

Our Dons played with heart! Despite several injuries this week the team rallied, younger players stepped up and no one ever backed down. Best wishes for speedy recoveries to Leo Barakos, Joey Gladden, Glenn Johnston and Nate Welcomer. High fives to Glenn Johnston who played his final high school lacrosse game with a cast on his arm.

Colin Jeffries with 3 goals, Michael Bone with 1 goal and 1 assist and Nathan Brickman with 1 goal, Grant Jackson with 1 assist and 1 forced turnover. Defensively, Josh Baginski had 2 forced turnovers and 3 ground balls, Brian Maiken had 2 forced turnovers and 2 ground balls and Glenn Johnston had 2 forced turnovers.

Goalie Parker Henderson had 10 saves!

It’s been tremendous fun to be part of the Acalanes’ Lacrosse family the past 4 years. Best wishes to the graduating Seniors – looking forward to seeing you all return for the Alumni game next year.

With so many talented young players on the team, the future looks very bright for the Don’s Lacrosse Team!

For my final time… “GO DONS!”

May 11 – Don’s Lacrosse trounces Justin Siena 13-3

Wednesday night was the first round of the NCS playoffs and the Dons faced Justin Siena High School at home. It was a night full of celebrations as birthday boys Michael Bone (17) and Grant Jackson (18) scored the first 2 goals for the Dons. Colin Jeffries rounded out the 3rd goal of the 1st quarter. Score heading in to the 2nd quarter Dons 3 to J-S 1.

Grant Jackson
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The Dons went on to score 6 goals in the 2nd quarter and 3 more in the 3rd quarter shutting down Justin Siena completely. A score of 12 to 1 heading in to the 4th quarter allowed playing opportunities for the pull-ups including Jack Wickline with 2 face-off wins in the mid-field. And Reed Watson who fired one shot off at attack but the ball was knocked down. Final score Dons 13 to Justin Siena 3.

Defensive Highlights:
Brian Maiken forced 8 turn-overs and recovered 5 ground balls. Joey Gladden forced 1 turn-over and recovered 10 ground balls. Josh Baginski, Sean Ortlieb and Will Watson were consistent in recovering ground balls and blocking shooting opportunities for Justin Siena.

Goalie Parker Henderson had 4 saves. Nathan Brickman had a brief appearance as goalie, but much to his disappointment, Brickman did not get the opportunity to touch the ball as the Don’s defense was able to force Justin Siena to turn the ball over before ever getting a shot off.

Parker Henderson
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Offensive Highlights:
Fynn Chorak & Colin Jeffries had 3 goals each, Michael Bone with 2 goals and 1 assist, Jake Landry had 2 goals and 1 assist, Grant Jackson had 1 goal and 1 assist, Matty Mariani and Luke Olson had 1 goal each, Nathan Brickman had 2 assists.

Jake Landry
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The Dons advance to the quarterfinals and will travel to San Francisco on Friday to face University High School at Kezar Stadium at 5pm.

May 6 – Acalanes Boys Lacrosse Stomp the Mats

The Don’s Lax team travelled to Miramonte on Friday night to play their last league game of the season and came away with a big win. The Dons end the season with a DFAL record of 11-1 and will head to the NCS Playoffs next week.

The game was dominated by the Don’s sophomores. The 1st quarter of play belonged to Colin Jeffries who scored all 4 of the Don’s goals in the first 12 minutes! The 3 remaining quarters saw 7 more goals from the Dons, including 3 from Fynn Chorak. Matty Mariani won the majority of his face-offs. Final score Dons 11 to Mats 1.

The Don’s defense shut down the Mats time and time again as Brian Maiken forced 7 turnovers and Joey Gladden recovered 11 ground balls! Goalie Nate Welcomer only allowed 1 goal which came during an Acalanes’ penalty (man-down) in the 2nd quarter.

Colin Jeffries led in points with 4 goals and 2 assists, Fynn Chorak had 3 goals and 1 assist, Nathan Brickman had 1 goal and 2 assists, Michael Bone had 1 goal and 1 assist, Brian Maiken and Matty Mariani each had 1 goal, Grant Jackson and Jack Thoren had 1 assist each.

Goalie Nate Welcomer had 7 saves.

NCS Playoffs will begin this week – schedule TBD

May 3 – Special Boys LAX Senior Sendoff!

It was a fun night celebrating the Seniors on Tuesday as they played their last home game of the regular season against Alhambra. The Don’s Lacrosse Team has 13 players graduating this year – they will all be sorely missed:

Congratulations and Good Luck Seniors! Daniel Agazzi, Leo Barakos, Jackson Birdsall, Nathan Brickman, Tyler Henderson, Miles Hoeser, Grant Jackson, Glenn Johnston, Nathan Lee, Brian Maiken, Luke Olson, Tate Phillips and Jack Thoren.

The Don’s took home a victory by storming past Alhambra with a final score of 15 to 3. Despite the fact that Alhambra scored the first goal of the game, it was all Dons the entire first half with 7 goals scored in a row by Acalanes. Alhambra was able to put 2 more goals on the board in the 2nd half, but were never able to come close to the 8 more goals scored by the Dons.

Joey Gladden

Joey Gladden
Photo: Terry Maiken

Glenn Johnston and Brian Maiken were once again the Dynamic Defensive Duo forcing 11 turnovers between the two of them and recovering a total of 4 ground balls. Joey Gladden had an impressive 7 ground ball recoveries and forced 1 turnover. Beniam Huff won 75% of his face-offs.

Nathan Brickman had 3 goals and 3 assists, Nathan Lee had 2 goals and 1 assist, Michael Bone had 2 goals, Jake Landry with 2 goals, Luke Olson had 2 goals, Fynn Chorak, Grant Jackson, Colin Jeffries and Jack Thoren each had 1 goal.

Goalies Nate Welcomer with 2 saves and Parker Henderson with 1 save.

The Dons will play their last DFAL game on Friday night at Miramonte.

Special thanks to Julie Gladden for organizing Senior Night! We appreciate all that you do!

Apr 30 – Boys Lacrosse roll over Redwood

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon of Lacrosse at Acalanes as they hosted Redwood High School in a non-league game. Although Redwood scored the first goal of the game, Acalanes steamrolled past them by scoring 7 goals in a row before halftime. The pace of the game slowed down after halftime with only 2 goals scored in the 3rd quarter by the Dons and just 1 by Redwood. The 4th quarter was a game of clock control of which the Don’s possessed the ball the majority of the time allowing just 1 goal from Redwood and running time off the clock to end the game Acalanes 9 to Redwood 3.

Offensive Highlights:
Michael Bone led with 3 goals! Colin Jeffries had 2 goals and 1 assist, Nathan Brickman had 1 goal and 1 assist, Fynn Chorak, Grant Jackson and Luke Olson each had 1 goal. Matty Mariani won 7 face-offs and Beniam Huff won 1.

Colin JeffriesPhoto: Terry Maiken

Colin Jeffries goal
Photo: Terry Maiken

Defensive Highlights:
Glenn Johnston forced 3 turnovers and recovered 2 ground balls. Joey Gladden recovered forced 1 turnover and recovered 5 ground balls. Brian Maiken forced 2 turnovers and recovered 1 round ball. Josh Baginski recovered 2 ground balls.

Goalie Nate Welcomer had 7 saves.

It’s Senior Night! Come out and support the Lax Seniors on Tuesday at 6:45pm in their last regular season home game against Alhambra.

Apr 26 – Boys Lacrosse Finish Off Las Lomas with a Bang!

The Don’s Lacrosse Team hosted Las Lomas on Tuesday night and finished with a bang!

Las Lomas scored the first goal of the night in their first possession. But Grant Jackson answered back by scoring the next goal. Leo Barakos and Michael Bone also scored in the first quarter with one more put on the scoreboard by LL. Score at the end of 1st quarter was Dons 3 to LL 2. Fynn Chorak had a beautiful pass to Nathan Lee for a goal and Nathan Brickman sent one to Jack Thoren for another goal. Score at halftime Dons 5 to Las Lomas 4. Considering that the last match up of these two teams ended in a tie and a Don’s win in overtime, many were wondering at halftime if this game was going to be a repeat.

However, the Dons came back hot after the halftime break and scored 4 unanswered goals in the 3rd quarter and 1 more unanswered goal in the 4th quarter shutting down the Knights completely in the 2nd half. Matty Mariani was unstoppable at face-off winning 11 takes all together and every take in the 2nd half. Jake Landry, Nathan Lee, Nathan Brickman, Jack Thoren and Luke Olson each had goals in the 2nd half. Final score Dons 10 to Los Lomas 4.

Defensively, Glenn Johnston and Brian Maiken dominated with 4 forced turnovers each. Maiken successfully recovered 6 ground balls. Fynn Chorak also recovered 6 ground balls.

Goalie Nate Welcomer had 5 saves.

Offensive summary:
Nathan Lee had 2 goals and 1 assist, Jack Thoren had 2 goals, Nathan Brickman had 1 goal and 2 assists, Leo Barakos, Grant Jackson, Jake Landry, Luke Olson, Michael Bone each had 1 goal. Fynn Chorak had 1 assist.

Next game is Friday at Dublin.

Apr 19 – Campo breaks Acalanes Boys Lacrosse Winning Streak

Tuesday night brought a heartbreaking loss to the Dons as they faced Campolindo in the 2nd matchup this season. The Dons had not lost to Campo since 2005, winning 20 times against their rival over the years. But the Don’s fell short on Tuesday night…

Matt Mariani
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Campolindo took control of the game early by scoring the first goal of the game. But Acalanes answered back time after time in the first quarter. Grant Jackson, Leo Barakos and Michael Bone each scored in the first quarter only falling one behind the Cougars. Score to start the 2nd quarter was Acalanes 3 to Campo 4. Nathan Brickman scored the Don’s lone goal in the 2nd quarter temporarily tying the game, but Campo scored 1 as well bringing the score at halftime to Acalanes 4 to Campo 5. The Dons outscored the Cougars in the 3rd quarter as Michael Bone and Jack Thoren both fired one in the net. The 4th quarter started with a tie game at 6 to 6. But Campo came out strong in the 4th quarter and managed to win the face-offs and possess the ball the majority of the time only allowing 1 goal by Nathan Brickman and scoring 5 of their own. Final score Acalanes 7 to Campo 11.

Michael Bone 2 goals and 1 assist, Nathan Brickman 2 goals, Jack Thoren 1 goal and 1 assist, Grant Jackson and Leo Barakos 1 goal each.

Goalie Nate Welcomer had 12 saves.

Defensively, Glenn Johnston was a tank who forced 3 Campo turnovers and recovered 3 ground balls. Joey Gladden forced 1 turnover and recovered 6 ground balls and Brian Maiken was instrumental in clearing the ball.

Although Acalanes and Campolindo currently have the same DFAL record, DFAL rules state that Campo is currently ahead of Acalanes in the race for the league title. Both teams have 4 more league games to play before the end of the season and will possibly meet again in the NCS playoffs.

Acalanes has a bye on Friday night and will play at home again next Tuesday against Las Lomas.

Apr 12 – Boys Lacrosse Stomps the Mats 12-4

The Boy’s Lacrosse Team wrapped up their first round of DFAL league play on Tuesday night beating Miramonte with a final score of 12-4. The Dons are undefeated in league (6-0) with the second round of league games to begin on Friday.

The team came out strong scoring 7 goals in the first half and shutting out the Mats. However, they lost a bit of momentum in the 2nd half – managed to score 5 more goals, but allowed the Mats to score 4, including a Hail-Mary in the final minutes of the game.

Fynn Chorak
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Fynn Chorak – 4 goals and 1 assist, Nathan Brickman – 3 goals and 3 assists, Grant Jackson – 3 goals, Colin Jeffries – 1 goal and 2 assists and Matty Mariani – 1 goal.

Michael Bone and Joey Gladden led in ground ball recoveries with 5 each. Leo Barakos, Nathan Brickman, Brian Maiken and Jack Thoren forced a combined 11 Miramonte turn-overs.

Nathan Brickman
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Goalie Nate Welcomer had 5 saves.

Next game is Friday at Acalanes against Dougherty Valley.

Apr 1 – Boys’ Lax Team shut down the Dogs

The Varsity Lacrosse Team traveled to Martinez on Friday night to face Alhambra.  With the assistance of a few JV pull-ups, the Dons dominated the entire game with 7 goals scored in the 1st quarter alone.

Joey Gladden led the defense with 10 ground balls and forced 3 Alhambra turn-overs! Josh Baginski had 4 ground balls and 3 forced turn-overs. Brian Maiken with 3 ground balls, 2 forced turn-overs plus 2 GOALS from the Senior defender! Will Watson forced 2 Alhambra turn-overs. Matty Mariani won the majority of his face-offs. Together, the Don’s defense, midfield and offense stopped 14 of Alhambra’s 27 clear attempts.


(Photo Courtesy of Terry Maiken features Brian Maiken shooting 1 of his 2 goals of the night).

At goalie, Parker Henderson completely shut down Alhambra with 4 saves.

Offensively, the Dons destroyed the Dogs as Nathan Brickman had 3 goals & 3 assists, Nathan Lee had 2 goals & 1 assist, Matty Mariani had 2 goals, Fynn Chorak with 1 goal & 3 assists, Jake Landry with 1 goal & 2 assists, Colin Jeffries with 1 goal. Luke Olson and Jack Thoren had 1 assist each.

Junior Varsity pull-ups included Dylan DeCool with 2 goals, Beniam Huff who won the majority of his face-offs, Ryan Karow with an assist and Nick Schirmer at defense. Great job out there boys!

Final score 14 Dons to 0 Dogs.

Have a fun and safe Spring Break!

Mar 29 – Boys Lacrosse Trounce Dublin 20-1

The Boy’s Lax Team hosted Dublin on Tuesday night with many different players seeing plenty of action on the field. Dublin was outplayed for 47.57 minutes of the 48 minute game.

Offensive Highlights:
Nathan Lee scored 6 goals
Nathan Brickman scored 4 goals and had 4 assists
Jack Thoren scored 1 goal and 2 assists
Michael Bone scored 1 goal and 1 assist
Colin Jeffries scored 1 goal and 1 assist
Leo Barakos scored 1 goal
Fynn Chorak, Grant Jackson, Jake Landry, Matty Mariani, Luke Olson and Jackson Welch had 1 goal each
Dylan DeCool & Miles Hoeser had 1 assist each
Beniam Huff, Matty Mariani, and Luke Olson won the majority of their faceoff takes.


Nathan Lee

Nathan Lee (67)
Photo: Terry Maiken

Defensive Highlights:
Forced Turnovers were created by Josh Baginski (2), Fynn Chorak (2), Joey Gladden (2), Brian Maiken (2), Tate Phillips (2), Leo Barakos (1), Dylan DeCool (1), Beniam Huff (1), Colin Jeffries (1), Jake Landry (1), Sean Ortlieb (1), and Jackson Welch (1)

Ground balls were recovered by the Dons all but 4 times with Leo Barakos, Joey Gladden, Colin Jeffries, Tate Phillips and Will Watson leading the charge.

Goalie Nate Welcomer had 2 saves.
Goalie Parker Henderson had 2 saves.

Final Score Dons 20 to Dublin 1 (with the lone goal being scored in the last 3 seconds of the game)

The Dons will travel to Alhambra on Friday night.

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