Mar 24 – Mens Varsity Lacrosse Beats Cross Town Rival Campolindo 9-7

Electricity was in the air Friday night at Bob Wilson Stadium as Campolindo hosted Acalanes in the season’s first matchup between 2016 Co-DFAL Champions and longtime rivals Acalanes and Campolindo. The win puts Acalanes in sole possession of 1st place with an undefeated 6-0 DAL Conference record and 8-1 overall.

Box Score

                                    Q1      Q2      Q3      Q4       FNL

Acalanes                       3          3          2          1           9

Campolindo                 0          3          1          3           7

Game Summary

                        Acalanes     Campolindo

Goals                       9                       7

SOG%              63%                 56%

Saves                      8                       6

T/Os                       19                     21

EMO                    4-6                    2-3



Colin Jeffries        4G        1A

Fynn Chorak        1G        2A        1GB       1CT

Matt Mariani          1G                     2GB       2CT

Jake Landry         1G        1A        1GB

Benium Huff         1G        1A

Dylan Decool       1G                     2GB

Michael Bone                     1A        3GB

Joe Gladden                                   9GB       3CT

Nick Schirmer                                  5GB       6CT

Will Watson                                    3GB       5CT

Jack Wickline                                   1GB

Avery Howell                                 1GB

Sean Ortlieb                                                   2CT

In Goal***

Nate Welcomer       8 Saves        3GB

*** G-Goal,   A-Assist,   GB-Ground Ball,   CT-Caused Turnover



1)        Tuesday 3/28 Dons @ Northgate – JV at 5:30p / Varsity at 7:00p

2)        Friday 3/31 Dons @ Alhambra – JV at 5:30p / Varsity at 7:00p

Mar 14 – Mens Varsity Lacrosse Keep Win Streak Alive Beating College Park 11-1

Acalanes hosted College Park Tuesday night. After a slow start that saw both teams tied 1-1 at the end of the first quarter, the Dons rattled off 10 unanswered goals to take the contest 11-1 and remain unbeaten in Conference play at 5-0.

Box Score

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 FNL
Acalanes 1 3 5 2 11
College Park 1 0 0 0 1

Game Summary

Acalanes College Park
Goals 11 1
Shots 39 23
Saves 13 9
GBs 36 33
Clears 15-21 6-14

Fynn Chorak 4G 2A 3GB 1CT
Michael Bone 2G 1A 1GB
Colin Jeffries 3G 1A
Michael Lalor 1G 1A
Matt Mariani 1G 4GB
Nick Schirmer 1A 1GB 2CT
Josh Baginski 5GB 4CT
Joe Gladden 5GB 3CT
Gabe Middleton 1GB 1CT
Sean Ortlieb 1GB 1CT
Jack Wickline 5GB
Dylan Decool 3GB
Jake Landry 1GB

In Goal***
Nate Welcomer 13 Saves 6GB

*** G-Goal, A-Assist, GB-Ground Ball, CT-Caused Turnover

1) Friday 3/17 Dons AT Miramonte – JV at 5:30p / Varsity at 7:00p
2) Saturday 3/18 Dons AT Redwood – JV at 12:00p / Varsity at 2:00p

Mar 9 – Fans Make the Trip to Watch AHS Boys Varsity Lacrosse Top Piedmont 12–7

Thursday night fans and students alike flocked to Piedmont’s Witter Field to watch the non-conference lacrosse match-up between the Dons and the Highlanders. Even Campolindo was represented in the bleachers.

Campolindo parents out supporting our Dons

Box Score

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 FNL
Acalanes 5   2    3   2   12
Piedmont 2  3    0   2   7

Game Summary

Acalanes Piedmont
Goals 12 7
Shots 33 20
GBs 33 16
Man-Up 5-10 3-7
FO (won) 15 6


Colin Jeffries 5G 1A 3GB 1CT
Jake Landry 4G 1GB 1CT
Fynn Chorak 2G 2A
Matt Mariani 1G 6GB
Michael Bone 2A 4GB
Beniam Huff 1A
Sean Ortlieb 2GB 4CT
Josh Baginski 1GB 1CT
Dylan Decool 1GB 1CT
Will Watson 1GB 1CT
Joe Gladden 7GB
Ryan Karow 1GB
Nate Schirmer 1GB
Jackson Welch 1GB

In Goal***

Nate Welcomer 4 Saves 3GB

*** G-Goal, A-Assist, GB-Ground Ball, CT-Caused Turnover

NEXT UP – Dons home Tuesday 3/14 against College Park,
JV at 5:30p / Varsity at 7:00p.

Mar 7 – Boys Varsity Lacrosse Win at Home Beating Las Lomas 12–4

Tuesday night the Dons battled to beat Las Lomas 12—4 to remain undefeated in DAL Conference play (3-0).

Box Score

                                    Q1      Q2      Q3      Q4       FNL

Acalanes                       1          2          5          4         12
Clayton                         3          1          0          0           4

Game Summary


Goals                     12
Shots                     27
GBs                       29
FO (wins)              13




Matt Mariani          4G                     4GB       1CT
Fynn Chorak        3G                                     1CT
Colin Jeffries        2G        2A
Michael Bone       1G                     5GB
Jake Landry         1G                     2GB
Beniam Huff         1G                     1GB
Nick Shrimer                       1A        1GB
Joe Gladden                                   6GB       1CT
Sean Ortlieb                                   2GB       1CT
Josh Baginski                                  1GB       1CT
Dylan Decool                                  5GB
Jack Wickline                                   1GB
Jackson Welch                                1GB

In Cage***

Nate Welcomer       6 Saves    /   Parker Henderson   1 Save

*** G-Goal,   A-Assist,   GB-Ground Ball,   CT-Caused Turnover

NEXT UP – Dons @ Piedmont Thursday 3/9, JV at 5:30p & Varsity at 7:00p.

Mar 3 – Boys Lacrosse Beat Clayton Valley Charter 12-5

AHS Boys Varsity Lacrosse Battles Back to Beat Clayton Valley Charter 12–5


In their second DAL conference game of the 2017 season, the Dons topped host Clayton Valley Charter 12—5.


Box Score

                                    Q1       Q2       Q3       Q4       FNL

Acalanes                     1          4          3          4         12

Clayton                         4          0          0          1           5


Game Summary

                        Acalanes          Clayton

Goals                    12                       5

Shots                     41                     25

Saves                      6                     16

GBs                       38                     26

Man-Up                6-8                    2-6

FO (wins)              19                       2



Colin Jeffries       6G

Jake Landry         2G         2A        5GB       1CT

Matt Mariani        2G                   14GB       1CT

Fynn Chorak        1G         3A                        1CT

Dylan Decool      1G                     1GB

Joey Gladden                              5GB       2CT

Sean Ortlieb                              2GB       3CT

Josh Baginski                                2GB       1CT

Nick Shrimer                                  1GB

In Cage***

Nate Welcomer       6 Saves        8GB       2CT


*** G-Goal,   A-Assist,   GB-Ground Ball,   CT-Caused Turnover

NEXT UP – Dons at home Tuesday 3/7 against Las Lomas, JV at 5:30p / Varsity at 7:00p.

May 7 – AHS JV Boys Lacrosse Finishes Undefeated in DFAL

Shut Out Miramonte 15-0
Season Ends 12-0 DFAL / 17-2 Overall

The 2013 Acalanes Lacrosse season all began with tryouts back on February 4th 2013. While hope was high, little did we know what was ahead for our young men, their school and their families.

With the victory over Miramonte, JV closed out a 2013 undefeated DFAL run. Each and every player rose to the challenge and contributed to the effort led by Coach Jullian Coffman.

The future of Acalanes Men’s Lacrosse lies in the able hands of the young men named below and those yet to come. With school pride, we present the AHS student-athletes who brought home the 2013 JV title . . . (alphabetical by last name)


Give it up for our UNDEFEATED JV Don’s!!!   Congratulations on a great season . . .
Best of luck to the Men’s Acalanes Varsity Lacrosse team as they move into the post-season.  REPRESENT!!!

Jon Henderson

Apr 30 – AHS JV Lacrosse Takes Down Dougherty Valley 12-3

Unbeaten in DFAL 10-0 (15-2 Overall)
Acalanes up 5-1 @ Half
AHS JV Stats

Taylor Howell              3G
Chris Greer                   2G         2A
Tyler Henderson         1G         3A
Tristan Guzaitis          1G
Grant Pedder               1G
Grant Jackson              1G
Nathan Lee                  1G
Ethan Lindgren            1G
Nathan Lee                  1G
Gabe Howell                             1A

Austin Scipi                  5GB       1TK
Brian Maiken               4GB       2TK
Daniel Agazzi              2GB
Glen Johnston             2GB
Anthony Seiler             2GB
Tom Hoffmeister         1GB       1TK
Everett Roeth               1GB

In Net:
Nick Olson                    6 Saves

NEXT UP — Dublin HS @ Acalanes, Friday 5/3

Apr 26 – Alhambra No Match for Dons JV Lacrosse – Dons Win 16-3

JV Still Unbeaten in DFAL 9-0 (14-2 Overall)

Acalanes up 12-2 @ Half

AHS JV Stats

Chris Greer                  3G
Tristan Guzaitis          3G
Gabe Howell               2G         1A
Taylor Howell             2G
Tyler Henderson        1G         5A
Grant Jackson             1G         1A
Nathan Lee                  1G
Ethan Lindgren           1G
Brian Maiken              1G
Cole Tanner                1G

Brian Maiken               2GB       2TK
Tom Hoffmeister        2GB       1TK
Glen Johnston             2GB
Anthony Seiler            2GB
Austin Scipi                 1GB       1TK

In Net:
Nick Olson                   4 Saves

NEXT UP — Acalanes @ Dougherty Valley, Tuesday 4/30

Apr 23 – And The Beat Goes On – JV Lacrosse Rolls Over Las Lomas 15–2

Dons Still Unbeaten in DFAL 8-0 (13-2 Overall)

Guzaitis & Howell combine for 5 goals and 4 assists against Las Lomas

Acalanes up 8-2 @ Half

AHS JV Stats

Tristan Guzaitis        4G
Chris Greer                 2G        1A
Cole Tanner               2G        1A
Taylor Howell            2G
Gabe Howell              1G         4A
Tyler Henderson      1G         1A
Grant Jackson           1G
Ethan Lindgren         1G
Grant Pedder             1G

Guzaitis/Howell/Tanner     —     Wins 14/19 (74%)

Glen Johnston          2GB       1TK
Anthony Seiler          1GB       3TK
Brian Maiken            1GB       1TK
Daniel Agazzi            1GB

Coach Coffman rallies the boys for the start the 4th quarter

In Net:
Nick Olson                6 Saves

NEXT UP — Acalanes @ Alhambra Friday 4/26

Apr 20 – Acalanes JV Crushes Campo 18–3

Dons Still Unbeaten in DFAL 7-0 (12-2 Overall)
Acalanes up 13-1 at the half

Campo defender is no match for Jack Thoren’s speed

AHS JV Stats
Chris Greer                   6G
Tyler Henderson         4G         5A
Gabe Howell                2G         2A
Tristan Guzaitis          2G
Cole Tanner                 1G         2A
Taylor Howell              1G         1A
Grant Pedder               1G         1A
Nathan Lee                  1G
Grant Jackson                            1A
Jack Thoren                                1A

Forget the individual defensive stats from Friday’s Campo game – everyone contributed. Of note is the fact that, since Danny Ennis tossed the cage keys to Nick Olson 3 games ago, the Acalanes JV defense has allowed only 5 goals in total!!!  By comparison, our Don’s offense has put up 50 goals over the same 3 games!

Let’s hear it for our defense – Everett Roeth, Glen Johnston, Brian Maiken, Austin Scipi, Daniel Agazzi, Anthony Seiler, Tom Hoffmeister and Nick Olson

NEXT UP — Acalanes @ Home vs Las Lomas, Tuesday 4/23

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