Nov 19 – Varsity Volleyball versus Campolindo – NCS Semi-Finals

Your Acalanes Dons traveled the long and winding road to Moraga to face the Campolindo Lady Cougars. The Dons traveled well.


Game #1

Grace Bolen
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1-2 Hannah Roberts fires off a sharp serve that ends with a Dons point.

2-2 Grace Bolen sets outside to Molly Dalziel who fires a lines shot for the kill.

4-4 Campo gets a tricky ball over and Molly Armstrong comes up with a great pass to Bolen and Dalziel gets a kill off the block.

6-6  A ball high above the net with 6’3″ Campo middle versus 5’9″ Dalziel for the joust and…Dons point.

7-7 The crowd is rock’n and Bolen pushes a quick set to Jones who crushes a kill off the block.

8-7 Long rally with great passing and Jones leaps above the block and tips the ball just outside the reach of the defenders.

9-9 Bolen backsets Jones for the opposite kill down the line.

10-11 Mimi White hits a spinner off the “1” for the kill.

12-12 Roll, Roll, Roll your shot, Dalziel for the kill. Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, the Dons get a point.

13-15 Too much going on the try and explain other than “what a rally!”. Huge saves both teams have almost everyone on the floor at some point. A long hard fought battle that ends with a Dons point.

15-16 Dalziel crushes the ball off the block and into the antenna.

17-17 Roberts smokes a sweet Bolen back row set for the kill.

Roberts‘s serving is keeping Campo off balance.

18-18 Copperfield, Houdini and Jones; all great magicians. Jones pulls a bump pass kill out of her bag of tricks.

19-20 The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire; White and Jones roofing company!

21-21 Dalziel crushes a kill off the block.

22-25 Campo


Game #2

1-1 Roberts with a laser serve for the ace.

2-3 Dalziel crushes a kill to the back row.

3-9 Dalziel annihilates a kill to the open middle.

5-12 Dalziel serves up the hard knuckle ace.

6-13 Webster; Red solo block, you try a hit, we get a point….

9-13 Carly Porep channels the Beatles and serves “a long line rolling ace, for a Dons point”

10-13 Old school Mercedes; White with a one handed wiper kill.

12-15 Dory Grobeck sets a perfect “1” to White for the kill.

13-17 Grobeck quick sets Jones for the cross court crush kill.

16-25 Campo

Molly Dalziel
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Game #3

0-1 Bolen backsets Jones and…a kill off the block.

1-3 Dalziel approaches from far outside the court and crushes a kill off the block that lands out of bounds.

3-6 A pass is coming fast towards the net and Bolen punches the ball over the net for the fist of fury kill shot.

5-9 You spin me right round baby like a record; Jones with a ball spinning kill.

8-13 Dalziel – Darth Vader kill – “Luke Net Walker, I am your father”

9-15 Bolen sets Dalziel inside. No one is blocking = kill.

10-16 Worked once, why not try it a gain, inside set and Dalziel kill to the back row.

Righteous Brothers = Parker Jones; “You should never close your eyes anymore when you have a big lead”. yes, you know what she is going to do; “bring it on back”.

11-19 Jones roll shot kill.

14-22 Bolen backsets Jones for the Smoke’n kill.

15-22 Jones gets a back row kill.

16-22 Jones off speed ace to the back row goes untouched.

17-22 Jones with a hard knuckle ace to the middle that ricochets harmlessly out of bounds.

18-22 Get this girl to Vegas. Three aces in a row?? – repeat above.

19-22 Bolen to Lam for the back bump pass to Dalziel for the corner kill.

20-25 Campo

The Dons comeback does not happen (insert sad emoji face). Great play, great serving, great passing and a GREAT YEAR. Just my guess, but next year could be even better…On three – “One, Two, Three…Go Dons!”

Bolen – 19 assists and 2 digs

Dalziel – 14 kills and 4 digs

Jones – 11 kills and 4 aces


Parker Jones
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Nov 15 – NCS round 2 – Varsity Volleyball versus Petaluma

If you didn’t make it out to this match, you wish you had. This is why sports are fun –  big intense crowd, close games, contributions by every player and an incredible comeback.

Game #1

0-0 Calista Lam takes the serve delivers a perfect pass to Grace Bolen who dishes a sweet outside set to Molly Dalziel who crushes the ball for the kill – and we are off.

1-0 Mimi White and Reilly Webster team up for the first of many blocks.

4-4 White take the Bolen set and with her noodle arm gets a Devo kill – “crack that whip, give the past a slip”

5-6 Hannah Roberts channels Rowdy Yates – kill.

6-6 Molly Armstrong – ARE YOU KIDDING ME – stuff block!!!

8-7 Dalziel kill to the middle.

10-9 Webster smokes a waterfall kill that falls between two defenders and the net.

11-9 Dalziel throws the ace to the corner.

12-9 Philosophy asks what would happen when an unstoppable force were confronted be an immovable object? – Molly Armstrong answers that question with a solo stuff block (immovable object wins!).

13-9 Webster smacks a Bolen set 12 feet off the net untouched.

14-9 Dalziel gets her Meghan Trainor on and is all about that ace.

17-10 Carly Porep – Serves a hard nasty ball that deflects off the Petaluma Trojans face for the ace. Literally – ” ace, ace, in your face”.

18-14 Parker Jones hits a heavy line shot kill.

19-11 Bolen sets a perfect “1” to White for the kill.

20-12 Webster and White roofing company

Defense does not get the press, but shout outs to Devin Grobeck, Julia Gay and Roberts who are splayed out on the floor multiple times and keep the ball alive.

23-19 Armstrong with a devastating kill.

24-19 Long rally, multiple kudos and it all ends with a Dalziel yummy.


1-2 Webster – a “that is not fair” kill.

3-3 Jones unleashes a body shot kill.

4-3 Armstrong with an outstanding solo stuff block.

5-3 Jones and Armstrong with a huge block.

7-3 The down card is a 10 and Lam’s up card is an ace – blackjack.

8-8 How did we let them get back in? until Jones crushes a Bolen set with a Johnny Cash line shot.

9-12 Armstrong with the big arm swing kill.

10-13 Webster channels Phil Niekro and hits a 7 mph cross court change up for the kill.

11-13 Webster showing versatility – fires off a smok’n kill to the back corner.

12-16 Dalziel unleashes a back row kill of fury.

13-16 Webster kill shot corner.

14-16 Grace tape ace.

16-18 Counting Crows block – Parker Jones and Mimi tell each other fairy tales, She’s looking at you. ah no, no, she’s looking at me. Going up for the big kill. We are blocking up in stereo. When everybody wants a kill, we will put it right at your feet.

17-19 Dalziel untouched kill down the line.

The Dons are down, but it doesn’t quite feel like it.

18-20 Jones fires off a kill that defects off of two hands.

19-20 Armstrong with a devastating solo block.

20-20 Dalziel and the kill.

22-21 Armstrong backsets (???) Dalziel for the kill.

23-23 Webster with a 1 armed block!!

25-23 Dons!

Game #3

0-0 Bolen sets Webster inside and the smack kill ensues.

1-2 Jones with the untouched kill.

3-3 Porep ace!

5-4 Gay throws down the ace.

8-5 Overpass + Dalziel = yummy!

10-10 Armstrong and the hard kill.

11-13 Dalziel back row kill off of 1 defender.

13-14 White with a no doubt about it stuff block.

14-15 Dalziel with a cross court kill off of 1.

16-18 Joust at the net and White has the better lance.

17-18 Lam – yo ace.

18-19 Webster and Armstrong team up for a great block.

19-23 Jones takes a Bolen set 6 feet off the net cranks her body and turns it to a smash near the line.

20-25 Petaluma

Game #4 – I will not do this justice. Great long rallies and often times multiple players on the floor. Petaluma was keeping the Dons out of system and Bolen had to take the first pass often so others had to step up and take the second touch.

0-0 W&W (Webster and White) roofing starts the game off.

1-2 Jones tips the ball just outside the outstretched reaches of Petaluma for the kill.

3-3 Jones with a crush kill between 2 for the kill.

Bolen with an odd jersey substitution, confusion, blood and Dory Grobeck is in.

4-8 Everything is out of system and Roberts steps up and crushes a kill.

5-8 Dalziel gets a kill off the block.

6-13 Wait, how did we get down by this much? Grobeck sets Dalziel for the cross court kill.

Dory is serving for the next 6 points and keep Petaluma off its game.

9-19 Ok, lets figure some things out and regroup for game 5. Fake to White and a Webster kill.

10-19 Webster and White block.

11-19 Webster with a line kill.

12-19 White solo stuff block.

Incomprehensible saves, passes and back row play to keep the Dons in the game.

15-20 Ok, it is nice, we have gotten a couple of points. Jones smokes a Grobeck set off of 1 defender for the kill on the line.

16-20 Roberts throws the ace.

18-21Hey, could this be happening? Grobeck sets Dalziel inside and boom goes the dynamite.

19-22 Dons fake outside and set inside for the Dalziel kill.

20-23 Dalziel and the kill untouched.

21-23 ooh dream weaver, I believe we can get through this ga’ame. Webster with a roll shot kill.

24-25 Really, could this be happening? Webster inside kill.

25-25 Grobeck to Webster who pinballs a kill off of two defenders.

27-25 Dons! The fans rush the court and mayhem ensues.

Game ball to the back row. Strong play from everyone. Quiet confidence in the first two games and exceptional strong play in the 4th game that kept the Dons hanging around.

Bolen – 30 assists

Lam – 18 digs and 2 aces.

Dalziel – 15 kills, 7 digs and 2 aces.

Webster – 12 kills and 7 blocks

Armstrong – 6 blocks, 3 kills and 1 assist.

Jones – 9 kills and 3 blocks.

White – 6 blocks and 3 kills.

Grobeck – 9 assists.

Nov 12 – NCS Varsity Girls Volleyball vs. San Rafael

Your Acalanes Dons hosted a home NCS Volleyball match for the 2nd time in the last 7 years. Your Acalanes Dons will host a home NCS playoff match on Saturday at 7 for the first time in 7 years….come on out and join the fun. Apparently 7 is the Dons lucky number…

0-0 Grace Bolen backsets Parker Jones who smacks a ball that pinballs off of two defenders for the kill.

1-4 Jones crushes a line kill.

4-5 Bolen sets Dalziel to the outside for a kill between 2 defenders.

5-5 Dalziel with the roll shot kill on the line.

7-5 Dalziel blasts a kill to the open middle.

8-5 Mimi White and Dalziel team up for the wall.

9-6 Bolen sets Dalziel in the back row for the kill shot that glances off a SR Bulldog for the kill.

11-7 Bolen with the smooooth (so smooth it has 4 o’s) quick set to Reilly Webster for the… (everyone now) KILL!

12-8 Calista Lam splays out on the floor to save a great serve. The ball is perfectly passed to Bolen who sets a “1” to White and the kill.

14-8 Webster (like a spoonful of Lucky Charms) Yummy.

15-8 Carly Porep serves a hard knuckle and as though a gust of wind bursts through the open doors, it falls untouched at the line for the ace.

17-9 Webster, preparing for Thanksgiving, stuffs the ball with a perfect block.

18-10 Jones crushes the ball to the open middle.

19-10 Jones takes the long way round and hits off the block for the kill that fall harmlessly out of bounds.

21-13 Bolen going with the hot hand fires back to Jones who appears to be going for the smash but at the last moment changes up and tips the ball just out of the reach of the defenders and the ball falls harmlessly to the floor.

22-14 Jones crushes the kill off two for the point.

25-14 Dons!

Game #2

0-2 Molly “fashionista” Armstrong gets a push shot kill to the open court.

1-2 Bolen playing great defense saves a hard hit ball. Lam bump-backsets Dalziel for the kill.

2-2 Dalziel and the kill.

4-3 Hannah Roberts has been playing great defense all night and gets to show off her offensive skills with a beautiful roll shot kill.

5-4 Bolen sets Dalziel outside the pin and Molly flies in and smokes a kill cross court.

6-4 Jones annihilates the ball past two defenders for the kill.

7-4 Dalziel is mak’n sandwiches and adds a little extra mustard on the ball.

8-5 Roberts goes Rowdy Yates from the back row (roll’n, roll’n roll’n keep them kills a roll’n rawhide).

10-6 White (ARE YOUR KIDDING ME!) kill

11-6 White with a curvaceous kill that would make Mae West proud.

12-7 White with the tip shot kill to the middle.

White – three different kill shots in three sets. Gets a Red Ryder BB Gun (careful, it will poke your eye out) as a prize, marksman of the night.

13-8 Armstrong with a sugary sweet kill on the line.

14-10 Jones and a strong line kill.

15-10 Dalziel smokes a kill off the block.

16-10 First card is a 10 and Roberts throws the ace, Blackjack.

17-10 Jones – Down Ball!

18-10 Dory Grobeck sets a sweet high outside ball that Dalziel crushes for the kill.

19-10 Jones rollshots to the back line for the point.

21-11 Jones and the solo stuff block!

22-11 Lam with the deceptive “shorty” ace.

23-12 Jones cranks out a kill off the block.

24-13 Long rally with almost everyone on the floor and Roberts rises from the ashes like a Phoenix and crushes the ball for the kill.

25-13 Dons.

Game #3

Layne Webster’s pre-game moonwalk with a camera gets everybody loose.

0-1 Bolen takes a tight pass and tightropes on the line while setting Jones for the kill.

1-3 Jones , channeling Jonny Cash, with a kill that “walks the line”.

3-6 Dalziel – Boom goes the Dynamite!

4-6 Dalziel with kill to the back row.

5-6 Windy Margerum (welcome to the show) comes up with a push shot kill.

7-6 Dalziel smokes a kill between two for the kill.

8-8 Roberts throws herself on the floor to save a great serve, the ball floats over the net and San Rafael “can’t handle the truth”.

9-8 Margerum with a kill off the “1”

11-8 Bolen sets Dalziel in the back row for a filthy kill.

12-9 Webster gets another bowl for cereal, Yummy.

13-10 Armstrong goes big with the kill to the back corner.

15-10 Jones with the kill off the block.

16-10 Grace ace in your face!

17-11 Grobeck sets a sweet “1” to Armstrong and kill.

18-15 Grobeck to Dalziel for the……kill.

19-20 It must be raining in Lafayette, cause Dalziel pulls out the wiper blade kill.

20-22 Dalziel with the hard body shot off a San Rafael defender.

21-22 Margerum and Bolen with a perfect stuff block.

22-22 Dalziel gets a kill to the back corner.

23-22 Bolen casts a large shadow with a perfectly timed stuff block.

24-23 Long rally and up pops Webster like the back-a-mole you can’t hit with the kill shot.

25-23 Dons

Huge back row play through out the night that won’t go noticed in stats!

Bolen – 35 assists and 5 digs!

Dalziel – 19 kills

Lam – 14 digs and 6 assists

Jones – 14 kills

Armstrong – 4 kills

White – 4 kills and 2 blocks

Nov 7 – Varsity Girls Volleyball beats Dougherty Valley in 3

Your Acalanes Dons celebrated Senior Night and the final League Match of the season by hosting and defeating the Dougherty Valley Wildcats on Thursday night. Seniors Molly Armstrong, Molly Dalziel and Dory Grobeck were honored — along with their parents Ann and Bill Armstrong, Kelly and Doug Dalziel, and Trisha and Dan Grobeck — for their leadership and contributions to the Acalanes Volleyball Program. There was a great turnout in the gym to celebrate the Seniors and root on the Dons, who with this win have finished DFAL play with an outstanding 9-3 record, securing a second-place finish in League and a 21-8 overall record.


Game #1

1-1 Reilly Webster with the first kill of the night. High fives all around!
2-2 Molly Dalziel with a big angle kill.
3-2 Carly Porep serves up a nasty float serve Ace!
4-2 Parker Jones delivers a ripped kill and the Dons are rolling.
7-5 LONG point with nice digs by Julia Gay, Molly Armstrong and Hannah Roberts, and the Dons finally prevail for the point.
8-5 “Pipe” kill from the back row by Dalziel.
9-7 See above.
10-7 And again! Dalziel literally killing it.
13-9 Dory Grobeck sets Armstrong in the middle for the kill.
15-10 Grobeck sets Dalziel for a powerful down-the-line kill and the 3 Seniors Grobeck, Team Co-Captan Armstrong and Dalziel are leading the attack for the Dons.
16-12 Dalziel scores with a soft, smart kill. The Wildcats are hanging around but the Dons look good.
17-13 Jones lights up the crowd with a BIG back corner kill.
18-13 Tip Tip Hooray! Dalziel with another smart finesse shot.
19-13 ACE! from Gay and D.V. takes a time out to regroup at 20-13.
20-14 Roberts with a back row kill.
22-15 Webster kill.
23-18 Nice set from Grobeck to Webster for the power slam kill!
24-20 Another long rally as the Wildcats don’t want to yield but the Dons take the point and the first set.
25-20 Dons.


Game #2
0-0 Dalziel with a Pipe Kill. So solid.
1-1 Jones with another big kill. Just not diggable.
2-3 …And Jones with another kill.
3-7 The Dons find themselves in a rough patch, and D.V. is playing well. Dalziel with a kill to try and spark a turn-around.
4-7 Devin Grobeck with the ACE!
5-8 Dalziel gets a kill and the Dons are scratching and clawing.
6-8 Dalziel follows it up with a great service ace. The Senior Captain is leading the Dons back.
7-8 Net violation on the Wildcats and the set is tied at 8 all.
10-10 Webster with the kill off the Grace Bolen set.
11-10 Armstrong with a big block. The Senior delivers!
12-10 Bolen lofts a sweet back set to Jones for the deep corner kill…With Authority.
13-10 Dalziel delivers a power kill and the Dons are rolling once again.
14-10 Webster bangs a kill off the D.V. blockers. Time out D.V.!
15-11 Webster nails a kill down the line.
16-11 Roberts serves the Ace and the Dons are opening up some separation.
17-11 D.V. can’t get the ball down as Calista “Fresh Princess” Lam is Gettin’ Diggy Wit It. Lam’s pass on this point sets up Dalziel for the Tip Winner.
18-12 Bolen to Jones to a No Chance For a Return kind of kill.
19-13 Jones again for another kill.
20-13 Dalziel with the deep back line kill – untouched by human hands.
21-15 Dalziel with a nasty service ace. The Senior is taking over, playing great in all phases.
22-15 Webster with a kill as both Bolen and Dory Grobeck continue distributing sets all around the floor tonight.
24-16 Armstrong and Webster ROOF the attacker and Dons win the 2nd Set!
25-16 Dons

Game #3
1-0 Dalziel shows her versatility with a set to Webster for the left side kill.
2-0 Jones with a smart dink over the blockers and onto the floor. Nice finesse along with the power display and the home crowd loves it.
3-0 Oh my. Yummy overpass kill pounded down by Webster!
4-0 Armstrong ROOF! This is fun!
5-0 Bolen Ace to make it 6 straight out of the gate for the Dons and the Wildcats need a timeout.
6-1 Armstrong with the sweet tip winner. The Senior is all over the front row and having fun.
7-1 Roberts with a great serve that D.V. just can’t handle. ACE!
8-1 The Dons are dominating and Jones crushes a kill into mid-court between defenders.
8-3 An incredible diving dig by Dalziel. Dons send the free ball over, but the ensuing Armstrong block lands a little bit outside the line.
12-5 Another diving “up” from Dalziel, this time to Bolen who set middle and Mimi White finishes the point with a smart kill to where they ain’t.
13-6 Webster. Kill. Nice.
17-12 Nice little run by D.V., who to their credit has fought back some, but now White absolutely CRUSHES a middle set from Dory Grobeck to get the Dons fired up and back on track.
19-14 Super defense from the Dons led by Lam and Roberts, and a LONG rally is finished successfully by your Acalanes Dons.
21-16 Big swing and a kill from Webster.
22-16 Another long rally, ended by the back row kill from Dalziel.
24-16 Coach Travis substitutes out Dalziel at match point and the crowd shows its appreciation for the Senior team leader with a rousing ovation. What a player!
24-19 INCREDIBLE up by Lam but D.V. scores and makes it a little closer – or do the Dons not want this fun night to end just yet?
24-20 Webster powers a kill off a D.V. player for the match! Dons win!
25-20 Dons

Grobeck – 21 Assists
Bolen – 17 Assits
Lam – 16 Digs
Armstrong – 3 Blocks
Dalziel – 16 Kills, 2 Aces
Webster – 11 Kills, 2 Blocks
Jones – 9 Kills, 1 Block

By Ken Webster

Nov 6 – Varsity Volleyball versus Campolindo Cougars

Your Acalanes Lady Dons in their second to last home league match of the season squared off against the Lady Cougars.

Coach Todd remarked, “I have not seen that kind of energy in our gym since I’ve been here, it was pretty special. I told the girls, the scores were no indicator of how well and how hard we played. Campo made some spectacular plays, but so did we.”

Last league games tonight.  Come on out and support your Dons on Friday November 7th for Senior night, celebrating Molly Armstrong, Molly Dalziel and Dory Grobeck.  We love our Seniors!


Game #1

0-0 Molly Dalziel gets the Dons started by taking the inside Grace Bolen set and rolls shots the kill to the line.

1-0 Dalziel gets a kill to the corner.

The Dons have not found their rhythm (perhaps this is what Gloria Estefan was singing about; “the rhythm is gonna get you”), but the capacity crowd is keeping the energy up.

2-8 Dalziel hits a kill on the line that explodes off a defenders chest for the kill.

3-8 Julia Gay fires off an ace to the middle of the court.

4-9 Dalziel crushes the ball to the far corner for the kill.

7-10 Bolen sets Dalziel as she flies out of the back row for the kill.

9-10 Carley Porep drops an incredible serve that lands 3 feet off the net and 3 inches off the line for the ace.

10-11 Bolen continues to feed the hot hand and sets Dalziel in the back row for a kill that deflects off a cougar.

11-11 Dalziel with another back row kill this time a roll shot to the back line.

12-11 Bolen to Dalziel out of the back row for a smok’n kill that lands untouched.

13-14 Mimi White gets a sweet ‘1’ from Bolen and destroys the ball for the kill.

14-17 Parker Jones gets a kill with a deflection off of two blockers.

The game is leaking away and the Dons seem unable to stop it.

15-22 Molly Armstrong crushes the ball for the kill.

16-25 Campo

Molly Dalziel
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Game #2

1-3 Jones with a perfect line shot past two blockers for the kill.

2-4 Hannah Roberts fires off a kill to the back line.

3-8 Bolen to Dalziel = kill

4-8 Dalziel and the ace.

5-10 Armstrong and the sweet push shot kill to the open court.

Move along people nothing to see here.

7-15 Jones delivers a perfect drop shot kill.

9-19 Dory Grobeck pushes the ball outside to Dalziel who crushes the ball down 12 feet off the net.

10-19 Grobeck again sets Dalziel and this time the kill is on the line.

11-21 Dalziel with the cross court kill.

The Reverend Al Green version, not Willie Nelson; (ain’t it) Funny How Points Slip Away.

12-25 Campo

Parker Jones
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Game #3

1-1 Bolen sets Webster to the outside. Reilly flies in and with a massive arm swing she crushes the ball to the middle for the kill.

3-5 Dalziel gets a kill off the block.

5-5 J&W roofing, Jones and White, get a much needed block.

8-11 The Dons are letting a little bit slip away when Webster produces a much needed kill.

10-13 Bolen and Armstrong are ‘N SYNC and Armstrong‘s kill goes Bye, Bye, Bye.

11-14 Webster gets a kill off the block.

12-17 Armstrong like the Righteous Brothers brings back that loving feeling with another kill.

13-17 The Dons are channeling the theme to Rawhide; rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ and Dalziel gets a kill to the middle.

14-17 Porep with another ace and the crowd goes wild.

15-19 Dalziel crushes a kill off the block.

17-22 Webster stops the bleeding with a cross court kill.

18-24 Bolen to Armstrong for the tip to the middle.

20-25 Campo

Bolen – 21 assists

Dalziel –  15 kills, 5 digs and 1 assist

Lam – 13 digs

Armstrong – 5 kills

Webster – 4 kills

Jones – 3 kills

The Lady Dons league record now stands at 20 – 8 overall, 8 – 3 in league


Calista Lam
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Oct 30 – Varsity Volleyball serves up a sweet treat against Miramonte

Having lost earlier in the year to Miramonte, the Dons showed up looking hungry tonight. Nothing scarier than 14 varsity volleyball players wearing wax Dracula teeth.

Big crowd and a lot of energy in the gym. More fun than trick or treating and being presented with a bowl of full sized candy bars.

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Game #1

0-0 Maddie Graham starts the Dons off with a push shot that is sweeter than a handful of candy corn.

1-6 Parker Jones with a rolos shot to the open middle – kill.

2-6 Molly Dalziel‘s cross court crush past two blockers starts off her night.

6-9 Dalziel again with a cross court kill.

9-9 Devin Grobeck‘s Jolly Rancher serve (hard candy) deflects off a Mat’s chest for the ace.

10-9 Grobeck is deal’n and throws the ace to the far corner untouched.

11-15 Graham with the back row kill.

12-17 Mimi White hangs in the air like a spider by a single strand of silk and gets a kill off the block.

13-17 Grace Bolen to Dalziel for a soft back row kill.

14-17 Reilly Webster with a kill between two blockers.

16-17 Armstrong receives Bolen‘s “1” and hits the ball with a crunch for the kill.

19-17 Dalziel takes a little off the Bolen back row set and drops it in the coffin corner.

20-17 Webster‘s kill comes off her hand like a starburst.

21-17 Dalziel back row kill to the other coffin corner.

Hannah Roberts has been serving a bit-o-honey during the last 7 points keeping the Mats out of system.

24-20 Armstrong solo block stops the Mats comeback.

25-20 Dons

Grace Bolen
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Game #2

0-0 Dalziel with the cross court kill off the block.

1-2 Dalziel‘s line kill explodes off a Mat’s chest.

3-5 Jones and Armstrong come together like peanut butter and chocolate for the huge block.

4-9 Roberts with a perfect kill shot to the back row.

5-9 Dalziel – ace.

6-9 Webster with a devastating solo stuff block.

8-11 Webster hits it good and plenty and gets the kill.

9-13 White hits payday with a kill to the middle.

10-14 Dalziel with a push shot to the open corner.

11-15 Bolen‘s set is so sweet that 5 fans go into diabetic shock. Dalziel receives it and crushes a red hot kill on the line.

12-16 Roberts hits a slow rolo to the back corner for the kill.

13-16 Armstrong with the chocolate waterfall kill.

14-16 Bolen to Dalziel for the hit that deflects off a Mat and goes milky way back into the 7th row of the stands.

15-18 3 Musketeers – Dalziel to Bolen to Webster – kill.

16-19 White with a kill off the “1”.

17-21 Webster with a frightful cross court kill.

18-21 Jones and White = block

19-22 Dalziel with a little sugar to the open middle.

21-22 The Dons have been behind the entire game. This is a long point, the crowd is loud and you are sorry that you were not there. Every Don ends up on the floor at one time or another. It has been a rocky road, but Carly Porep delivers the kill to the open middle to tie the game up.

22-22 Calista Lam has been playing solid back row and now gets the much needed ace to take the lead.

23-22 Jones and Armstrong – perfectly timed block.

24-25 Dalziel with the kill on the line.

25-26 Dalziel delivers a push shot for the kill.

27-26 Dalziel with the razzels dazzles ace and win.

28-26 Dons

Molly Armstrong and Parker Jones Blocking
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Game #3

2-7 Webster smoking kill to the back corner is not a milk dud.

3-7 Dalziel hits a shot off the double block that falls out of bounds for the kill.

5-8 Bolen is no butter finger as she sets Dalziel for the kill.

6-8 Armstrong – kill.

7-8 Lam with jolly rancher serve – ace.

8-8 Dalziel gets the kill around two blockers.

9-9 Dalziel – tootsie roll shot to the middle.

10-13 Dalziel – kill off the net, and the net says yes.

11-13 Dalziel puts a little abba zabba on her serve and gets the ace.

12-13 Dalziel takes a little off the serve and the net is a life saver as the ball rolls over for the ace.

13-13 Dalziel – with another ace. It’s all about that ace, bout that ace…

15-16 White and Bolen go up together like a twix bar and get the block.

16-16 White – huge solo stuff block.

17-17 Dalziel scary back row kill.

19-18 Webster pushes the Bolen set past two defenders for the kill.

20-18 Dalziel – yummy.

21-18 Dalziel and the line kill.

22-19 Jones goes up over the block an annihilates the ball for the kill.

23-19 The Dons are ahead, but it feels tight. Bolen takes the pass and sets Dalziel inside the block where she is able to turn on the ball and send it down the line for the kill and the crowd rises to their feet sensing victory.

24-21 Bolen sets Dalziel for the wonka kill.

25-21 Dons

Dalziel – 23 kills and 5 aces

Bolen – 39 assists

Lam – 8 digs

Webster – 7 kills

Armstrong – 4 kills and 2 blocks

Oct 23 – Varsity Volleyball versus Dublin Gaels

Your Acalanes Dons should have traveled to Vegas, cause they were Dublin down.

0-1 Molly Armstrong starts the Dons off with a devastating kill that falls untouched.

2-3 Reilly Webster fires a Grace Bolen set cross court for the kill.

5-4 Mimi White and Grace Bolen team up and get the block.

8-5 M&M roofing company (Armstrong and Molly Dalziel) show up for work.

9-5 Hannah Roberts with a sweet ace.

10-7 Armstrong kill to the middle of the court.

11-7 Armstrong – huge solo stuff block.

14-8 After being blocked a few times, Dalziel changes it up with the roll shot kill.

15-10 Parker Jones starts her approach 4 feet outside the court and takes Bolen’s set and the ball explodes off her hand for the kill.

16-10 Dalziel – back row kill.

17-10 White gets a sweet “1” from Bolen and does what good middles do – kill.

18-12 Jones kill off the block spins harmlessly to the floor.

19-12 Webster smokes a cross court kill.

20-12 White hangs in the air for about 20 seconds and after gravity has affected the Gael blockers she hits the ball for the kill.

21-14 Maddie Kalil pushes a “1” to White for the kill.

22-15 Dalziel – kill back corner.

23-15 Roberts with another devastating ace.

24-15 Roberts is “the closer” and again serves a devastating ace.

25-15 Dons

Game #2

0-0 Jones big kill to the open court.

1-1 Dalziel – tool kill.

2-1 Dalziel with the back row kill.

4-1 Bolen with the sweet set on the net to Jones for the kill.

5-1 Dalziel gets a back row kill to the open back line.

8-3 Jones brings a high arm swing and crushes the ball to the open back row.

9-5 Jones – tool kill.

Julia Gay gets a great pass off a hard hit to keep the point alive.

10-6 Webster and a kill off of the perfect Bolen set.

11-6 Dalziel‘s kill falls on the 10 foot line untouched.

12-7 Gay with the “5” pass to Bolen to Dalziel for the kill off the block.

14-9 Bolen back sets Dalziel for the unblocked scorching kill.

15-9 Dalziel – Ace.

16-10 Jones hard hit falls harmlessly off the block.

17-11 Repeat above.

18-13 Gay to Bolen to White = kill.

19-14 Dalziel kill to the 10 foot line for the kill.

21-16 Armstrong gets a yummy.

22-16 Dalziel tips the ball past two defenders for the open floor kill.

23-19 Meghan Trainor thinks it’s “all about that bass” but Jones thinks it’s “all about that touch, ’bout that touch” – perfect touch on the ball over the blockers.

24-20 White unleashes the anger for the kill.

25-20 Dons

Game #3

0-0 Jones starts the third game off with a crushing tool kill.

1-0 Armstrong‘s smok’n kill shot.

4-0 Dalziel gets a kill off the block.

Bolen started the game off with a great 6 point serving run.

6-2 Dalziel with a kill 6 feet off the net.

The Dons go on a field trip to Fairfield and visit the Jelly Belly factory for the next two points:

7-2 Armstrong – yummy

8-2 Webster – yummy

9-3 “el Fuego” Jones big kill.

10-3 Jones and White = block.

12-4 Webster returns to Fairfield – yummy.

13-4 Gay with a screaming fastball ace.

14-7 White with a kill of off Bolen‘s sweet “1”.

15-7 Bolen sets the ball high and on the net. Dalziel swoops in and smacks the kill straight down.

16-8 Dalziel with a kill off of Bolen‘s quick set.

17-8 Dalziel stuff block.

18-8 Armstrong and Bolen perfectly time their block.

19-8 Dalziel gets a facial kill.

21-8 Sweet arm swing for Armstrong and the kill.

23-9 Magician Dalziel pulls the push shot out of her bag of tricks for the open floor kill.

25-11 Dons

Bolen – 39 assists and 2 (yes 2) blocks

Dalziel – 16 kills, 3 digs and 2 blocks

Jones – 11 kills

Armstrong – 6 kills and 3 blocks

White – 6 kills and 2 blocks

Webster – 5 kills

Lam – 5 digs

Kalil – 4 assists







Oct 21 – Varsity Volleyball versus Dougherty Valley

Big night all around as Giants win and Dons win.

25-17 Dons

23-25 Dougherty Valley

25-17 Dons

25-18 Dons

Grace Bolen – 32 assists, 1 block and 1 ace

Dory Grobeck – 7 assists, 1 dig, 4 kills, 1 block and 1 ace

Molly Dalziel – 22 kills, 9 digs, 4 blocks and 4 aces

Parker Jones – 12 kills and 5 blocks

Calista Lam – 10 digs and 1 ace

Molly Armstrong – 5 blocks and 1 kill

Mimi White – 5 kills and 4 blocks

Julia Gay – 5 digs and 4 aces

Devin Grobeck – 5 aces and 4 digs

Reilly Webster – 4 blocks and 1 kill

Hannah Roberts – 3 kills, 1 block and 1 ace

Maddie Graham – 3 kills and 1 dig

Oct 16 – Varsity Volleyball versus Las Lomas

Your Acalanes Dons traveled the long road to Walnut Creek to face the Las Lomas Lady Knights.

Game 1

Even with the Giants playing, Acalanes travels well (yes, we were checking the score).

0-0 Parker Jones starts the Dons off with a back row kill off of two blockers for the kill.

1-2 Jones again, this time with the roll shot kill.

1-3 Maddie Graham and Mimi White team up for a block that rolls down the net and falls harmlessly for a point.

1-4 Jones and White (this time the other side of the court) get the stuff block.

2-5 Grace Bolen sets Graham who smashes a kill to the back corner off the block.

2-6 Bolen knows a good thing and sets Graham again who hits the ball to the corner for the kill.

6-9 Graham with the outside kill off the block that falls harmlessly outside the lines.

8-11 Molly Dalziel receives the serve and passes to Bolen who sets Dalziel for the kill on the line.

12-12 Dalziel with the kill to the back corner.

12-13 Bolen sets Dalziel a little inside the block and the kill falls to middle of the court.

12-15 Grace ace in your face!

13-16 Dalziel coming from the opposite side gets a kill down the line.

13-17 Graham hangs in the air and hits off speed and fools the Lady Knights who are falling back to earth. The kill rolls harmlessly between the blockers and the net.

13-18 Dalziel hits the screaming ace

13-19 Dalziel follows up with the soft ace that falls in front of the back row.

13-20 Jones and the headband (I get royalties if the Volleyball team ever creates a band with that name) soars above the block and gets the cross court kill.

14-21 Bolen with the perfect inside set to Graham who slides inside the block and crushes the kill.

16-23 Dalziel goes Roberta Flack and from the back row is killing them softly with her hits, killing them softly…

25-16 Dons

Game 2

1-1 Graham – kill off the block

3-3 Dalziel with the back row smash and kill.

4-4 Bolen with a sweet “1” to Molly Armstrong and a sweet kill.

7-6 Graham‘s sweet ace that deflects off 2 Lady Knights.

7-8 Bolen sets Dalziel on the pin and hit falls on the line 12 feet off the net for the kill.

8-8 Dalziel‘s kill hits off of two defenders, hangs in the air and falls harmlessly for the kill.

14-12 Calista Lam (been playing great defense all night) hits the hard ace to the middle back.

16-15 Bolen “1” to Armstrong – kill.

16-16 Armstrong goes up strong for the kill.

16-17 Dalziel from far outside gets a kill off the block to the middle.

18-19 Dalziel‘s hit explodes off of a defenders chest pushing her backwards for the kill.

19-22 Dalziel soars high over the block for the kill.

25-19 Dons

Game 3

5-7 Lam has been firing 4 straight missile serves that have kept the Lady Knights off balance and then she cranks it up a little more and with the hard top spin she gets the ace.

5-8 Lam, in a groove, same serve, same spot and same result.

6-9 Reilly Webster channeling Johnny Cash gets a kill that walks the line.

8-10 Graham leaps from about 30 feet behind the net, hangs in the air for about 3 minutes and smashes the kill off the block.


8-11  Dalziel does what she does with over passes and get the crushing kill.

8-12 Bolen to Dalziel for the kill to the middle.

8-13 Bolen again to Dalziel for the kill to the middle.

8-14 Bolen, goes with the hot hand, sets Dalziel for the kill to the back row.

9-16 Dalziel – kill between two blockers.

11-19 Maddie Kalil sets Webster who gets the line kill.

13-20 Kalil with the “1” to White for the kill off the block.

13-22 Dalziel and a back row kill.

13-24 Devon Grobeck and the ace. It takes the Giants four games to win, but the Dons only need three.

13-25 Dons

Dalziel – 17 kills, 6 digs and 2 aces

Graham – 7 kills, 4 digs and 1 ace

Lam – 9 digs and 3 aces

Bolen – 25 assists and 1 ace

Kalil – 3 assists

Oct 14 – Varsity Girls Volleyball versus Campolindo

Your Dons made the arduous trek to Moraga to face the Campolindo Cougars.

Game 1

0-1 Grace Bolen backsets to Maddie Graham for the kill.

1-4 Molly Dalziel receives the serve, passes to Bolen who sets Dalziel for the cross court kill to the 10′ line.

2-7 Dalziel with the kill down the line.

3-7 Dalziel takes a little off her hit and rolls it to the middle for the kill.

5-7 Dalziel and White put a ferocious double block.

8-14 Graham smokes a hard angle kill past the double block.

9-14 Deja Vu from 8-14 score.

11-15 J&W (Parker Jones and Reilly Webster) roofing company

14-16 Jones crushes the ball for the kill.

17-20 Dalziel gets a back row kill.

18-22 Graham takes a Bolen set and smashes the ball off the double block where it harmlessly falls out of bounds.

19-24 Graham kill.

20-24 Grace ace in your face.

21-25 Campo

Game 2

0-1 The ball explodes off of Graham‘s hand for the kill down the line.

2-3 Jones with a roll shot kill to the back line.

4-4 Dalziel top spins the ball off two defenders for the kill.

7-7 Graham gets a kill to the back corner.

12-12 Graham floats a high arcing ace to the back corner.

14-20 Jones smokes a kill between two blockers.

15-23 Dalziel gets a kill off of the block.

16-23 Dalziel ace.

18-24 Hannah Roberts takes an out of sequence pass 4 feet off the net and crushes a ball off the block for the kill.

19-25 Campo

Game 3

0-2 Jones destroys the ball and it blasts off of a Cougar chest for the kill.

1-2 Dalziel ricochets the ball off the double block out of bounds for the kill.

2-3 Molly Armstrong – kill to the open middle.

3-6 Jones – ricochet kill off the block.

6-10 Graham with the mighty cross court kill.

8-14 Dalziel – roll shot kill to the middle.

9-15 Dalziel gets a kill by bouncing the ball off two defenders.

10-16 Dalziel crushes the ball between two defenders for the kill.

13-25 Campo

Dalziel – 10 kills

Graham – 7 kills

Jones – 5 kills

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