Apr 25 – Track and Field League Meet vs. Dougherty Valley

The Varsity Boys and Girls teams both beat Dougherty Valley.  Thus the Boys remain undefeated.  This was the team’s final league meet and the final league standings will be determined by the DFAL League Championship meet to be held on Wed, 9-May and Fri, 11-May.  Both Frosh/Soph teams lost.

The meet started with the sun shining and just a few clouds.  Both the Varsity Boys and Girls 4×100 relays were beaten in very close races.  In the Girls race, the timer had both teams with the same time, but with Acalanes in 2nd.  The Boys lost by 0.08 seconds!  The sun was shinning but the meet did not start well!

At the end of the meet, the rain started to fall and the Girls 4×400 provided an exciting race.  Amy Hollshwandner started first and gave the team a lead.  Amy passed the baton to Caroline Wilcox.  Caroline maintained the lead and passed to Lisa CarringtonCarrington did her best but Dougherty Valley had and excellent 400 m runner and the lead was cut down substantially.  Finally Carrington handed off to Kelli Berge.  The two runners were close, with Berge keeping the lead but not by much.  Then on the back straightaway, Berge took off and won by a large margin.

By the time the Boys were ready for their 4×40 relay, the fans had their umbrellas out and were encouraging the officials to start the race.  Michael Walton started for Acalanes and gave the team a lead as he did last week.  Senior, Walton passed to sophomore, Michael WangWang could not hold the lead but kept in very close contact to the Dougherty Valley runner.  Wang passed to junior, Tristan Tarpey.  Tristan again maintained a close 2nd to the Dougherty Valley runner.  The final hand off was to junior, Adler Faulkner, who had about a 15 m gap to make up.  Going around the first turn it was questionable whether Faulkner could catch the DV runner.  But in the back straightaway, Faulkner turned on the jets and reeled in the DV runner and passed him coming out of the last turn.  Everyone gave a cheer and then scurried to take cover as the rain was coming down steady.  So the meet did not start well (except for the sun), but it ended well (except for the rain).

Athletes that finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd
Varsity Girls
1600, Annie Marggraff, 1st; Vera Portnova, 3rd
100 Hurdles, Nicole Shimotake, 1st; Julie Vaccaro, 3rd
400, Amy Hollshwandner, 2nd; Lisa Carrington, 3rd
100, Jordan Hinds, 2nd
800, Kelli Berge, 1st
300 Hurdles, Amy Hollshwandner, Caroline Wilcox, Julie Vaccaro, 1-2-3
200, Jordan Hinds, 3rd
3200, Annie Marggraff, Vera Portnova, 1-2
Long Jump, Lucie Flynn, Lisa Carrington, Samantha Anderson, 1-2-3
Triple Jump, Caroline Wilcox, Lucie Flynn, Cori Vanhoven, 1-2-3
Shot Put, Marie Teichman, Brenda Mittelbuscher, Brianna Wilkinson, 1-2-3
Discus, Brianna Wilkinson, 1st, Elise Peterson-Trijillo, 3rd
Pole Vault, Shelby Johnston, 2nd, Daniell McCann, 3rd

Varsity Boys
1600, Adler Faulkner, Tristan Tarpey, Michael Wang, 1-2-3
110 Hurdles, George Liow, 1st, Michael Yang, 3rd
400, Michael Walton, 1st
100, Joe Dreyer, 2nd
800, Adler Faulkner, Tristan Tarpey, Michael Wang, 1-2-3 (again)
300 Hurdles, George Liow, 1st, Michael Yang, 3rd (again)
200, Michael Walton, 2nd
3200, Keenan Byrne, 1st, Ros Dudakov, 3rd
Long Jump, Lenny Adkerson, 2nd
Triple Jump, Lenny Adkerson, 2nd, Stephan Main, 3rd
High Jump, Ian Stuertz, 1st
Shot Put, Matt Thomas, 1st
Discus, Matt Thomas, 2nd
Pole Vault, Joel Benner, 1st, Andrew Bertics, 3rd
Girls Frosh/Soph

4×100 and 4×400 relays, 1st
1600, Megan Connor, 3rd
100 Hurdles, Monica Dwight, 2nd
400, Sage Catton, 1st, Stephanie Brannon, 2nd
100, Jess Mould, 2nd
800, Amelia Curry, 1st, Kamila Sarsam, 2nd
300 Hurdles, Monica Dwight, 2nd
200, Jess Mould, 3rd
Long Jump, Dory Grobeck, 1st
Shot Put, Carly Garnet, 3rd
Discus, Analisse Johansson, 1st, Carly Garnet, 2nd

Boys Frosh/Soph
110 Hurdles, Jack Flynn, 1st, Jonathan Chiem, 2nd
400, Sid Vital, 2nd, Juan Pestana, 3rd
100, Peter Lee, 3rd
300 Hurdles, Jonathan Chiem, 1st
200, Jeremy Edwards, 3rd
High Jump, Jeremy Edwards, 1st
Shot Put, Anthony Rader, 2nd
Discus, Anthony Rader, 3rd
Pole Vault, Alex Shimotake, 2nd, Erich Ellsworth, 3rd