Apr 23 – Ladies Varsity Lacrosse battles for league win against Dublin, 10-6

Our Dons played their hearts out Thursday night in a combative, defensive brawl with Dublin. Dublin’s speed and tenacity was fierce but not as fierce as our Dons’ determination to stay undefeated in league. The start was back and forth with long possessions on both sides. The Dons were up 6-3 at the half.

The second half was interrupted numerous times by penalty calls on both sides. Dublin came within 2 points with a score of 5 to 7. It is important to note that 50% of Dublin’s shots were penalty shots and that the umps were penalty happy which is putting it mildly. In the end, the Dons struggled and challenged and clashed, making way for Caith Wright and Ellie Higgins to get to the goal for a final score of 10-6.

Our defense was ferocious and Holly Fleischmann caused 2 incredible turnovers including an end of game interception that finished off any Dublin hope of a last goal. Jessica Hennies was forceful and also caused 2 turnovers. Blake Balfrey was responsible for an amazing interception. Caith Wright caused an important turnover as well.

The ball was batted around like a fly all night as Ellie Higgins and Sophie Ross wrangled 3, while Kelcey “Bubba” Higgins, Jessica Hennies, Alyssa Mueller landed 2, and Caith Wright, Holly Fleischmann, Blake Balfrey, MacKenna Mullins, Sabba Jweainat, Julia Mueller and Jackie Diede fought for 1 each.

Total scoring: Caith Wright with 5 goals, Ellie Higgins with 4 goals, Sophie Ross with 1 goal and 3 assists, Anna DeRoque with 1 assist and Holly Fleischmann 1 assist.

On the draw: Caith Wright with 4, Sophie Ross with 3, Alyssa Mueller 1, MacKenna Mullins 1, and Katie Welch with 1.

In the goal, Sam Repstad had 4 and Sabba Jweainat had 4 saves.

Next game, April 30th, our Ladies face Campo at Home 7pm. Go DONS!