Apr 21 – Ladies Varsity Lacrosse wins 12-7 vs. Dougherty Valley

Our Dons were in amazing form last night with great clearing, amazing passing and strong defense. The Dons held the lead the entire night, but not by dominating the draw. The key last night was amazing defense, who stole the ball and then cleared it quickly and effortlessly up the field for an 8-4 lead at the half. Crisp passing and speed continued throughout the game, with great sharing of the ball on offense. 8 of our 12 goals were made with an assist! The Dons remain undefeated in league play, 8-0!

On offense Turbo Caith Wright had 3 goals, Caroline Newman was splendid with 4 goals and 3 assists, Ellie “the Flash” Higgins had 1 goal and 3 assists, Julia Mueller had 1 goal, Holly Fleischmann had 1 goal, Kelcey Wendt had an assist, Anna DeRoque had an assist and superb Sophie Ross had 2 goals and 2 assists.

Defense was stellar clearing the ball rapidly and causing turnovers left and right. Caroline Newman and Ellie Higgins both caused 1 turnover. Caith Wright wrangled up 3 loose balls, Marie Whitmore, Caroline Newman, MacKenna Mullins, and Kelcey Higgins all scooped up 1. On the draw, Caith Wright hustled for 4, Sophie Ross fought for 2 and Katie Welch battled for 1.

Sam Repstad had 2 saves in the first half. Sabba Jweainat had the game of her life with 11 saves in the second half. She blocked shots with her body, stick, legs – it was spectacular.

*** Corrections from LL game**** MacKenna Mullins had 1 goal which was mistakenly given to Sabrina Elliot. Super Sophie Ross had 7 draw controls that game. Sorry for the errors.

See you Wednesday April 22nd when Acalanes takes on the mighty Marin Catholic in Marin at 4 pm. The Dons also have a game Thursday, April 23rd at 7pm at Dublin. Go DONS!