Apr 18 – Acalanes vs. Miramonte Track Results

This was a meet when the performance of one captivated the crowd, a surprising turn around, receiving a “little help from our friends,” and small challenges that were met.

Johnny Choi jumped into a tie for second all time with a PR in the high jump at 6′ 6″. But just saying that does not tell the whole story. Johnny was the only athlete left in entire meet when he was reaching higher heights. At that point every individual still at the meet including athletes, parents, and coaches from Miramonte (this was a class act by Miramonte,) stopped and watched….and cheered Johnny and what he was doing, because it was that special. This was a rare moment in a meet, and something that will be remembered by all. By the way, Johnny is only 5’8 or 5’9.

Before every meet I sit down and speck the meet. By that I mean that I take Acalanes’ best performances and compare them to the competition’s best performances. Based on how they compare, I score the meet. This allows me a chance to make changes and possibly change the outcome. In the girls meet, we had a four point advantage and a chance to win the meet. In the boys were were down 13 points, and needed 7 additional points (in track it takes 69 points to win a meet. If there is a 13 point advantage, when one team gets seven additional points, the other team losses 7 points because there are only 136 possible points available) and I did not see where the boys were going to find those points.

Muppy Gragg
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In the girls competition, we changed our 4 x 100 to hopefully pick up 5 points, we needed a third in girls 800 for one additional point, and we needed points in the PV, Shot and Disc. I wanted to increase the margin between us and Miramonte because a four point advantage is actually one second place away from turning the results around. What I specked out was a 70-66 advantage, what actually happened was a 76-60 victory for the girls, and it turns out we needed all those points. How did we get them? Lena Johnson getting 3rd in 800, Mari Florine getting 2nd in PV, Anna Weier getting  2nd in shot, Anna Weier and Karen Rosenburg getting getting 2nd and 3rd in discus, Maren Quinella (jumping for the first time) and Beth Hamalian getting 3rd and 2nd in TJ (in this a event I expected only a third place.) and Nicole Frigon finishing 2nd in 3200.

In the boys what I had specked out was a 74-61 victory for Miramonte. What happen is a 75-58 victory for Acalanes. This was the best performance for the boys this year, Where did they make up the difference? Everywhere. Keaziah Smith, Chris Rogers and Johnny Choi sweeping the long jump; Johnny Choi and Julian Lucas 1st and 3rd in the TJ; Vance Parry getting 2nd in the 200 and 3rd in the 100; Kevin Mlynek running with a fever and getting 2nd in the 300H; Pierce Florine getting 3rd in the PV; Irvin Choa 2nd in the 400; Rayce Walton 2nd in the 800, and the list goes on.

But both the boys and girls received a “little help from our friends:” Miramonte.  In the 4 x 100, both Miramonte boys and girls teams were disqualified for passing the baton out of zone. In the 4 x 400, Miramonte did not run either a boys or girls team. I’m not sure if it made a difference in the meet with the exception of Miramonte’s girls 4 x 100, who would have won the race without the DQ. If Miramonte girls had won the 4 x 100 it would have been 71-65 result.

In Unified Sports, this was the first meet that Acalanes actually competed against an opponent. It was the first meet that we got electronic timing on our athletes. They have been added to team roster, and every time their name is in the results, it is recorded just like any other athlete on the track team. The Unified athletes next compete at Charlie Eaton/Bob Warren on the 27th and again in the league championship finals May 12. From that point they have to qualify to the next meet.

Attached below are some pictures from the meet and yesterday’s full results. This meet included 39 PR’s or SPR’s

Full Meet Results