Oct 31 – Another great Girls Volleyball match against the Lady Knights

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Game 1;
1-4 Parker Jones starts Halloween off with a scary hard cross court kill.
5-11 Reilly Webster with the kill on the “1”.
8-15 Katie Nall destroys the ball for the kill.
12-18 Grace Bolen to Molly Dalziel with the cross court kill.
13-18 Maddie Graham with the smooth ace.
14-18 Jones smashes the ball off two defenders for the point.
15-19 Webster’s smooth crush off two finger tips for the point.
17-21 Strong hits and great passes keep the rally alive long enough for Bolen to put the ball over in two for the point.
19-22 Webster smashes the ball and it glances off of the net, hangs in the air and falls for the point.
20-23 Nall tips the ball to the open floor for the point.

21-25 Las Lomas

Game 2;
0-3 Jones takes a little pepper off the hot sauce and drops in a kill.
5-4 Graham with the hard flat ace.
6-5 Cox falling back is still able to smoke the ball across the net for the kill.
10-8 Bolen with the high outside set to Cox for the crush and kill.
12-13 Bolen back sets Cox who smokes the ball and it ricochets off three defenders for the point.
15-14 Jones and Webster combine for the roof.
17-14 Graham with the float serve to the back corner untouched for the ace.
18-14 Great Dons defense with shout outs to Webster and Graham for keeping the point alive long enough for the Dalziel kill.
19-15 Webster crushes the ball off the block for the kill.
21-18 Cox with the push shot kill.
22-19 Bolen high set outside to Cox for the kill.
24-20 Cox with the kill and win.

25-20 Acalanes

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Game 3;
0-0 Bolen over in two for the point.
1-1 Cox with the hard line kill.
5-3 Dalziel sprawls on the floor for great defense, passes to Bolen who feeds it back to Dalziel for the kill.
11-9 Dalziel back row smash and kill.
12-10 Cox hard off the block where the ball bounce out of bounds for the kill.
15-16 Bolen pushes the “1” to Webster and perhaps the hardest hit of the night and kill.
16-21 Cox paints the line for the kill.
17-22 Nall straight down kill.

19-25 Las Lomas

Game 4;
A small crowd, what with Halloween, but the house is rocking.
0-0 Jones and Nall roofing company appears.
3-2 Dalziel with the kill on the back line.
5-2 Graham ace.
14-10 Bolen; Grace ace in your face.
15-10 Cox and Nall roof.
16-14 Las Lomas is on a run and Cox stops the bleeding with a devastating kill.
20-24 Dalziel Kill.
21-24 Webster straight down crush.
22-24 Bolen over in two.
The fans go wild and smell another huge comeback, but it is not to be.

23-25 Las Lomas

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Cox – 12 kills, 7 digs
Dalziel – 9 kills and 6 digs
Bolen – 30 assists, 4 digs, 3 aces and 3 kills
Nall – 4 kills and 3 blocks
Graham – 15 digs and 4 aces
Webster – 5 kills
Jones – 3 kills and 3 digs

Doug Dalziel