Sep 30 – Acalanes Varsity Volleyball

The Dublin Gaels travel the long road to Lafayette to face your Acalanes Dons

Devin Grobeck serving
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3-2 (perhaps the reporter was a little bit late…) Reilly Webster with the kill to the back corner.

5-4 Molly Dalziel takes the pass, Grace Bolen with the set to Dalziel on the line for the kill.

6-4 Dalziel with the hard ace!

7-4 Devin Grobeck with the great dig to Bolen who set Maddie Graham for the kill.

11-4 Dalziel – soft serve off the net for the ace.

12-4 Maddie Graham with the kill to the middle.

15-4 Dalziel – killing them softly with her serve, killing them softly – ace.

16-4 Bolen to Graham for the soft push just outside the reach of the Gaels.

18-4 Molly Armstrong with the touch shot over the block to the open floor – kill.

20-6 White hangs in the air for the timing block.

21-9 Maddie Kalil with the “1” to White for the MASSIVE kill.

23-11 Julia Gay great pass to Kalil to Dalziel for the back row kill that explodes off a Gael.

25-11 Dons!


Game #2

0-5 Graham takes out the trash and crushes the over pass for the kill.

1-5 Parker Jones takes a funky over pass with an arm move that only a New York traffic cop can pull off and hits the ball over for the kill.

4-6 Jones – conventional kill to the back line.

7-6 Dalziel – kill to the 10′ line in the middle.

8-6 The Who has nothing on White the “Pinball Wizard”- first hit pinballs off a Gael the second hit is a straight down kill.

8-8 Dory Grobeck with the sweet set to Dalziel for the kill to the 10′ line this time on the line.

9-8 Armstrong keeps the point alive with a block, Dublin keeps it alive long enough until Jones and the kill.

10-8 Jones and Armstrong roofing shows up for work.

11-8 Grobeck to Armstrong for the kill.

14-8 Armstrong with the strong kill that explodes off a Gaels chest.

15-8 Jones – two handed kill off the trash.

17-8 Julia Gay with the ace and the roof says No!

18-8 Gay – ace!

22-11 Grobeck with the “1” to Armstrong for the laser blazer kill to the middle.

23-11 Hannah Roberts – cross court kill.

24-11 Graham with the stuff block and win.

25-11 Dons!


Acalanes Receiving Line
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Game #3

2-1 Grobeck to Dalziel for the back row kill.

Kerry Bolen setting
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3-1 “MC Hammer” White with the “You can’t touch this” serve – ace.

5-5 Dalziel with the solid dig to Grobeck back to Dalziel for the kill.

6-5 Grobeck with the sweet back set to Webster for the kill off the block.

Carly Porep enters the game with a loud cheer from the fans.

8-6 M&M roofing (Armstrong/Dalziel) shows up for work.

9-7 Armstrong/Grobeck with the stuff block.

11-8 G&G (Grobeck to Graham) for the kill.

12-8 Armstrong – ace, ace in your face.

13-11 Graham with the devastating cross court kill.

14-11 Grobeck – ace!

16-13 Webster reads the over and dives to the hardwood. Grobeck takes the pass and sets Webster for the kill.

17-13 Dalziel and White with the wall of hands and block.

18-14 Webster – kill off the block.

21-15 Webster – kill off the block, this time down the line.

22-15 Roberts – Rowdy Yates kill (roll ’em, roll ’em, roll ’em keep them hits a rolling, rawhide).

23-16 Kalil – over in two for the kill.

25-16 Dons!


Solid team play all the way around – game ball to everyone!

Dalziel – 9 kills, 2 block and 4 aces

Graham – 7 kills

Armstrong – 5 kills and 5 blocks

Webster – 5 kills

Jones – 4 kills

Doug Dalziel