Acalanes Girls Volleyball vs. Northgate 10/26/2017

Acalanes v. Northgate 10/26/2017
Your A.D.G.V.T. traveled over hill and dale out to Northgate Ranch to face the Broncos in the final League Match of the 2017 DAL Season. It was sure to be a big challenge against the much-improved Broncos. Here are the highlights from the Last Rodeo:

First Set:

3-4. Dons bounce back from a slow start with a big Madi Risch kill. Untouched.
5-6. Maddie Kalil sets Grace Higgins at Oppo for a kill.
8-11. Timeout Dons to try and get sharper…
9-11. Lane Webster sets up Elsa Clever in the middle. Clever rewards us all with a kill.
10-11. Kaitlyn Mckendell’s wicked serve brings the Dons closer.
11-12. Zoe McPhail sweet dig and then Theresa Nevins gets a big kill in the middle.
13s. Sam Darin makes a perfect pass, then hits, and the Broncos can’t recover.
16-15. Dons take the lead on the Webster dump over the net.
17-19. Rough patch as the Dons lose 4 in a row, then Risch kills it. Phew.
18-21. Clever kill.
19-21. Super Webster dig off a big Bronco hit keeps the point alive and the Dons score.
21-23. Cailey McVay serves a gem and then makes two awesome passes during the point and Higgins finishes it off with a kill.
22-24. McKendell’s turn to pass purely and Higgins again finishes it off after much back and forth. Timeout Broncos. Can the Dons turn this one?
22-25. No.

Second Set:

1s. Sarah Westergren delivers a point with a roll shot.
3-4. Kalil to Westergren. Kill.
4-5. McPhail carefully watches a serve go long. Good eye baby!
5s. Risch ties it with a back-corner Ace. Woo! Woo! Woo!
6-7. Rachel Go sets Darin for a beautiful sharp angle kill that finds the sideline. Sassy.
11-10. The teams are trading points. Risch hammers a kill.
13-14. McVay to Kalil to Westergren. Textbook v-ball as Westergren tools the block.
16-14. R-Go Ace! Time out Northgate after a nice Dons run.
17-15. Webster hammers a kill off of a Bronco. Yah!
20-16. WILD point. Dons somehow score after 41 seconds of back and forth.
21-18. Darin fires a kill! Huge point.
22-23. But the Broncos stampede back into the lead. Timeout Dons.
23s…Westergren vital kill…24s…Broncos serve it long…overtime…
24-26. Dons NO again.

Third Set:

4-8. Another slow Dons start to the set. Risch kills one.
5-8. Clever block!
7-10. Long rally again. So many of those tonight. Super hustle from both teams. Hayes Hollar kills one off the blockers.
8-11. Darin kill. Need every bit of it.
11-13. Kalil rips an Ace.
13-15. McVay McMoney Serve.
15-17. Clever. See 5-8 above.
16-17. McPhail sends a tricky little free-ball over the net and it works! Score.
17s. McPhail also fires three great consecutive serves, adds a silky set to Kalil (who sets
Clever in the middle). Bam! Tied Up!
18-19. Risch huge kill off the blockers. The ball flies from the net all the way back past the Dons endline. OK.
19-20. Risch kills a scrambling Webster set. Dons scrambling everywhere trying to get this win.
20-21. Darin kill to keep the Dons close. Do or Die.
20-25. Dons don’t Do, unfortunately, and Dons lose in 3 sets to the Broncos.

Tough loss to end League play at 5-5, and Sombreros off to Northgate who played really well.

Now the Lady Dons will wait to see if they have some NCS playoff volleyball in their future.
Watch this space.