Acalanes Girls Volleyball vs College Park

College Park v. Acalanes 10/24/2017

It is SENIOR NIGHT for Your Acalanes Dons Girls Volleyball team, as 5 Seniors – Sam Darin, Maddie Kalil, Kaitlin McKendell, Zoe McPhail, and Theresa Nevins – step through the
celebration balloons with their families and onto the Court to face off with College Park for
their last regular season home game of their careers. Nice crowd on hand!

First Set:

1-0. Darin kill as all 5 seniors are starting tonight.
2-0. Darin again. Senior Style.
4-2. Kalil sets McKendell on the outside. Dons score.
8-4. Kalil jumps to set and throws a winner down over the net instead. Senior Sneaky.
10-4. Timeout Falcons and the Senior lineup is dominating.
11-6. McPhail makes a nice “up” to save the point and the Dons kill it. Senior Smooth.
13-8. McPhail to Kalil to Darin: Kill.
15-9. McKendell swings and delivers a deep kill from the front row. Woo! Woo! Woo! K-Mack!
20-12. McKendell Ace!
23-13. McPhail Ace! McSeniors.
25-13. Dons take the 1 st .

Second Set:

6-4. McPhail passing and Kalil setting to get the Dons rolling in the 2 nd , and then Nevins adds in a winning block.
9-5. Nevins explodes a kill straight down from the middle. Wow. Senior Power!
15-9. Kalil delivers a nifty back-set and the Dons hitter kills it. Maddie Kaaaaaaaayyyy!
22-10. Nevins hammers another kill off the Kalil set. Teeeeeee!
25-12. Dons deep-fry the birds in the 2 nd .

Third Set:

2-1. Claire McNally Ace! Not a Senior. (I’m doing just one non-Senior highlight tonight, and that Ace was pure gold.)
4s. Nice Senior Saves by Nevins and McPhail to keep the point alive, and the Dons score to tie it up.
9s. Darin kill to tie it again. Saaaaaaaaaammmm!
12-11. Kalil to Darin. Big kill. Seeeeen-yerrrs.
15-11. Sweet Kalil serve and then a quick-reaction, one-armed “up” to save the point. Senior Smarts. Timeout C.P.
17-13. Kalil runs a slide play as Grace Higgins rotates into the middle of the court from the
outside to receive the set for a kill, completely flummoxing the Falcons.
20-15. Nevins pounds another winner. Senior Sledgehammer.
21-17. McPhail alertly covers an errant serve-receive ricochet, and then she sets the hitter for a kill. Zo-eeeeeeee!
24-17. Match Point!
25-17. Dons win!

Dons defeat the Falcons in three sets and move to 5-4 in League play with just one match left to go (at Northgate Thursday night). Congrats Seniors! They all played great tonight.