Acalanes Girls Volleyball v. Petaluma NCS First Round 10/31/2017

Acalanes v. Petaluma NCS First Round 10/31/2017

Halloween Night. And YOUR Acalanes Dons Girls Volleyball Team hit the road to Petaluma
High for the First Round of the 2017 NCS Division III playoffs. The #12 Seed, but Defending State Champ Dons were hoping to make it Fright Night for the #5 Seed Trojans.

First Set:

1-0. Theresa Nevins one for the first score of the match.
2-0. Cailey McVay Ace!
3-1. Madi Risch drills a kill to the sideline.
4-1. Elsa Clever kills an overpass. Yummy.
5-1. Grace Higgins sharp angle kill off the Maddie Kalil set. Dons off to a good start.
8-4. Now Rachel Go setting and serving, Clever gets a kill and then a Go Ace!
11-8. Sam Darin delivers a kill after a Trojans mini-run.
13s. Tied up. Both teams playing tight.
17-15. Go to Clever for a big kill!
18-17. Lane Webster “tools” the blockers for a kill. Needed that one to retake the lead.
19-17. Clever Roof!
21-19. Clever covers the set and tees it up perfectly for Webster, who tools the blockers again with a hard hit.
22s. Tied up. What a battle.
24-22. Net violation Petaluma…24-23…24s tied again and OT…
25-24. Risch kills it ugly. Dons will take it at this point!
26-24. Kaitlyn Mckendell’s wicked serve Aces for the set win. Clutch!

Second Set:

5-2. Kalil to Higgins….powered off a Trojan defender for a kill.
7-2. Mckendell kill from the Libero jersey. Fancy.
8-2. Risch big kill. Timeout Petaluma. Great start by the Dons.
9-2. Clever Roof out of the timeout! So many great highlights right now.
11-5. Sarah Westergren sneaky slide kill from the Webster set.
12-8. Darin kill at the right time.
13-11. Webster dump into the “campfire.”
14-11. Nevins block.
15-13. Sweet Risch pass. Sweet Kalil set. Sweet Darin kill. Like Halloween candy.
17-14. Simply beautiful swing and kill from Risch. Like hot melted caramel.
20-21. Oh no! HUGE Petaluma rally to take the lead. Timeout Dons.
21-22. Clever big block to get closer.
22s…Dons fight back…22-23…23 all (Trojans serve it long!)
24-23. Kalil wicked serve causes an overpass…which Nevins flushes with authority. Set point!
25-23. Nevins & Webster roof!!! Dons win the 2nd, showing some real grit. Yasssss.

Third Set:

1s. Risch hammer kill.
2-1. McKendell McAce!
7-5. Webster fireball Ace!
9-5. Clever kill. Dons recapture the momentum.
11-6. Risch Ace!
12-6. Risch dives forward with her arm stretched out and “pancakes” it, saving the point, and then Webster dumps another sneaky one over the net to score “on 2” against the unsuspecting and shocked Trojans.
13-7. Hayes Hollar delivers a key winning roll shot. Smart cookie!
16-9. Kennedy Cornish in and scores a kill, and then Webster kills an overpass. Timeout
Petaluma as their home gym is becoming a haunted house.
18-12. McVay nice pass to Go, who sets Risch perfectly. You know what happens next.
21-15. Great Dons passing in the back row from McKendell, McVay and Risch. Hollar rewards them with a kill.
22-15. Claire McNally serve: Trojans can’t get it back over.
23-17. Webster sets Nevins in the middle and “Tee” crushes one off the body of a defender for a kill. Ouchy.
24-17. Nevins backs it up with another kill. She is taking over the match down the stretch…a Nightmare for the Trojan defenders
25-17. And Nevins finishes it off with yet another kill. Dons win!

Big Dons road win in 3 sets over Petaluma. Now they head to face the #4 Seed Moreau
Catholic (Hayward) at 7pm on Saturday night as the NCS tournament action continues. Be