Oct 22 – Acalanes and Dublin in another 5 game match

Your Acalanes Dons versus the Dublin Gaels. It was “Dig Pink” night and a fund raiser for Breast Cancer awareness. The Team raised over $450 and the crowd and coach were all sporting pink.

Game 1;
1-2 Rachael Cox throws down the Ace card.
3-4 Katie Nall and Parker Jones throw down the roof.
6-4 Jones pulls an Ace out of her sleeve.
8-6 Mimi White crushes a kill off the diving Dublin dame.
9-6 White serves an Ace.
15-12 Molly Dalziel hangs in the air long enough to block a delayed push and Dons point.
20-14 Maddie Graham splays out on the floor to save the Dublin crush. After a long rally, Cox comes through with the cross court kill to the 3 ft line.
22-15 Smoke on the water, Cox kill on the line.

25-16 Dons Win.

Game 2;
1-2 Cox roof for point.
3-4 Jones cross court kill by two blockers for kill.
4-4 Dalziel with the kill off the overpass.
5-6 Dalziel leaps over the block for the kill to the back corner.
6-9 Cox pushes the ball for the back row kill.
7-10 Cox smashes the ball to the back row and point.
8-13 Dalziel with the assist to Cox for the kill.
13-19 Jones creams a cross court smash off two blockers and point.
16-21 Grace Bolen to Dalziel for the back court kill.
19-23 Dalziel with another back court kill.
20-23 Nall annihilates the ball off the block for the kill.
Dublin questions the call. The referees agree with the original call.
21-23 A fired up Nall crushes the ball straight down for the untouched kill.
22-23 Bolen with the sweet back set to Jones for the kill.

23-25 Dublin wins.

Game 3;
0-0 Bolen with the Ace Grace in your face.
1-1 Bolen back sets Cox for the kill.
4-2 Bolen with a high sweet set to Dalziel for the kill over two blockers.
5-2 Bolen again to Dalziel for the kill.
8-7 Bolen with a kill on two.
9-8 Cox gets a kill off the block.
11-9 Dalziel with a perfect pass to Bolen who high sets outside to Cox who smokes it down the line for the kill.
15-12 Bolen with a set on the net to Jones for the kill.
16-13 Cox’s great defense keeps the point alive. A long rally ensues and eventually Dalziel puts it away for the point.
17-14 Dalziel to back corner kill.
19-17 Graham with a perfect pass to Bolen who sets Cox high for the kill.
21-18 Graham to Bolen to Jones for the kill.
22-18 Dalziel covers the dink and passes to Bolen who back sets Jones for the kill.
23-18 Dalziel cross court kill.
24-18 Cox with the Ace and win.

25-18 Dons win.

Game 4;
1-3 Cox with a powerful hit for the kill.
2-5 Jones floats and appears ready for a smash, but at the last second pulls her hand back and pushes the ball past two defenders for the kill.
3-11 It’s not looking good for the Dons when Dalziel provides some comic relief and gets a kills barely getting her finger nails on the ball and it floats harmlessly to the floor.
5-13 Cox goes down the line for the kill.
7-14 Nall and Cox put on their hard hats and put up a roof.
8-14 Bolen – Ace for Grace.
10-17 Jones with a monster crush off a Dublin player and the ball sails into the stand for the kill.
13-18 Webster with the kill.
14-20 A long rally with great play on both sides to keep the point alive long enough for Dalziel to destroy the ball down the line for the kill.
16-20 Dalziel smashes the ball to the 8 ft line and kill.
17-21 The fans are smelling another comeback. Maddy Sauer with a great pass to Bolen to Webster for the kill.
18-23 Cox crush and point.
19-24 Cox off the block for the kill.

20-25 Dublin

Game 5;

This is the 5th time in 8 DFAL matches that the Dons have gone to 5 games. With wins in 3 of the previous 4 times this is familiar territory.
0-1 Dalziel starts the Dons off with a kill.
2-2 Cox with a cross court kill.
3-2 Nall tips the ball to the open court for the kill.
4-5 Jones comes up with the cross court kill.
5-5 The Webster roofing company puts a roof that won’t allow the ball to leak out.
7-8 Cox’s hard hit off the block falls for the point.
Jill Wickline serves up a couple of tough serves to keep the Dons alive.
9-10 Cox out jumps the defenders for the ball and puts it down.
12-13 Dalziel and Nall with the roof off the Dublin hitters head and point.
13-13 Webster and Jones put up the roof and get the point.
14-13 Bolen to Dalziel for the crush, Dublin returns the ball. Bolen to Dalziel for the crush, Dublin returns the ball. Bolen to Dalziel for the crush and third times the charm. Dublin is Mollified.

15-13 Dons win.

Cox – 19 kills, 21 digs, 3 block and 3 aces.
Dalziel – 14 kills, 13 digs.
Bolen – 49 assists, 6 digs.
Nall – 4 kills and 5 blocks.
Graham – 10 digs.
Sauer – 4 digs.
Webster – 3 kills and 5 blocks.
Jones – 15 kills and 6 blocks.

Doug Dalziel