Nov 5 – Acalanes Dons versus the Miramonte Matadors

Miramonte’s gym was rocking for their Senior night and the crowd was ready for the action.
The Dons Senior night and final home game of the year is Thursday the 7th. Come out and support the Seniors and Dons Volleyball!

Game 1;
0-4 Molly Dalziel starts it off for the Dons with a back row kill.
1-4 Rachael Cox throws down the ace.
2-4 Dalziel gets the cross court kill.
4-7 Katie Nall and Parker Jones combine for a textbook double block.
5-7 Ying Strobe serves the hard floating ace.
6-9 Dalziel gets the kill off of the block.
7-13 Great set by Grace Bolen to Cox for the kill.
9-13 Strobe somehow gets a great pass off of a hard hit ball. Bolen then takes it over in two for the point.
Dons are unable to stop the bleeding.

11-25 Miramonte

Game 2;
2-7 Nall and Dalziel put up the roof.
3-7 Dalziel puts the ace down the line.
4-7 Cox hits the ball hard off the block for the kill.
6-10 Maddie Graham with a great up off the diving serve to keep the point alive.
7-11 Cox rolls the dice with a hard hit and it deflects for the kill.
8-14 Cox – roll shot kill to the middle of the court.
9-16 Bolen to Dalziel with the hard hit. Miramonte digs it and the ball goes back to Dalziel who passes to Bolen who sets Dalziel for the kill.
10-19 Dalziel roll shot kill.
11-19 Cox high over the defenders for the kill.
12-19 Long rally with every Don on the floor. Eventually, Cox with the kill down the line.
14-21 Graham smokes the ace serve.

19-25 Miramonte

Game 3;
0-0 Dalziel starts the game off with an ace.
1-0 Bolen and Nall – roof.
2-1 Dalziel with the back row kill.
4-2 Bolen – Grace ace in your face.
5-3 Bolen back sets Cox who crushes the cross court kill.
7-3 Cox ace.
8-3 repeat above
9-3 Bolen to Cox to Molly Armstrong for the kill.
10-4 Dalziel – cross court kill.
11-5 Dalziel with the kill down the line.
12-5 Nall get the kill off the “1”.
14-6 Bolen sets ox for the kill off the block.
16-8 Strobe comes up with a great save and keeps the point alive long enough for Bolen to backset Cox for the kill.
17-9 Armstrong – kill.
18-13 Dalziel hits off the block for the point.
20-14 Dalziel leaps over the block and gets the kill down the line.
24-21 The Mats fight back, but Armstrong with the kill and win.

25-21 Dons

Game 4;
0-0 Great rally by both sides until Bolen goes over on two for the point.
1-0 Dalziel – ace.
3-0 Cox crushes the kill down the line.
4-4 Cox rolls the ball over two defenders for the point.
7-20 Dalziel comes up with the back row kill.
9-20 Dalziel – the ball falls untouched off the cross court kill.
10-20 Mimi White blocks the ball straight down for the point.
11-21 Dory Grobeck takes the over pass over in two for the point.
12-23 Cox to Dalziel for the cross court kill.

13-25 Miramonte

Cox – 12 kills, 19 digs and 4 aces
Dalziel – 19 kills, 10 digs and 3 aces
Bolen – 24 assists and 4 digs
Nall – 3 blocks
Strobe – 13 digs
Graham – 5 digs
Armstrong – 3 kills and 2 digs

Doug Dalziel