To the Class of 2021-This is the Beginning of Anything You Want-Happy New Year!

We can all agree that we need more positivity, joy and happiness in 2021. Our Dons will be a beacon of hope, team spirit and perseverance.

We look forward to moving closer to the bright light at the end of the long labyrinth of the COVID-19 tunnel of 2020.  2020 did not work out as any of us planned. So many had great expectations which quickly came to a grinding halt. The world promptly changed from the way we do school, sports, work and living.   But our Dons community, kept it going with our Acalanes school leadership, teachers, coaches, Acalanes Sports Boosters and Acalanes PTA lead that charge. (#beyondgrateful)!   Team Acalanes synthesized their efforts to still make joy where we could, and figured out how to survive until we can thrive.

Acalanes Community Always!

2020 has taught us that we cannot always be in control and that we must be willing to adapt. One thing we can control is our attitude and how we choose to approach life. An optimistic attitude was critical and necessary for 2020 and going into 2021. An optimistic attitude pushes us forward, encourages us, and helps us overcome obstacles. A positive frame of mind increases our motivation to succeed. It motivates us to think creatively and therefore achieve more than we ever expected. We have witness this within our Acalanes football coaches. No games in 2020, but the Dons Football had 100% team effort, team spirit and team drive. For the passed eight months, our football coaches kept our Dons motivated with creativity, gusto and always steadfast (insert standing obviation here) What role models for our sons! What leaders! Acalanes Parents are grateful for our Dons football program!

2021 will remind us of just how magical human connection is and the importance of our Dons community.

2021 is almost here, soon we will dress up in our Dons gear. At some point in 2021, we will be able to cheer on our Dons with  shouts,  high-fives and hugs  in the stand. There is a prediction that Don fans will have tears of joy when this happens. It will be a GREAT DAY!  We look forward to seeing all the smiling faces that have been hidden behind masks. When this happens, Don fans will be there to support all our athletes! 100% guaranteed!

Click on video above to celebrate our Dons Football Seniors-Class of 2021

This is your year, Seniors! It’s 2021!

No question: our high school seniors have it particularly rough.  And in a few weeks, it will be 2021 with five months left of their high school lives.  It will come fast. Soon  parents might be thinking about graduation present for their Don.  But since figuring out what graduation gift to give our kids is almost always a tricky proposition, maybe we can take the opportunity right in front of us and give these incredible young men  (and women) the package deal of hope, optimism, creativity, and love…love for them and love for what they themselves end up loving.

Kicking off 2021, we celebrate our Class of  2021 Senior Dons! Your Acalanes Football family is proud of all our seniors. It has always been a pleasure to see you thrive on the football field from the young years of MOL football to participating in our Dons Summer Youth Football Academy to your first Freshman football game to being crowned the 2019 Diablo Athletic League Champions! And now we welcome the new year, 2021, full of things that have never been. We all wish that you keep progressing in your field of life with your kindness, hard work, passion and dedication.

We hope everyone will have a ‘Won-DON-derful’ 2021  year and Congrats Class of 2021!

Here Comes a New Year. A new beginning. And things will change.