Life without Acalanes Football we feel aimless, lost, and adrift– like a quarterback with no center, nachos without cheese or Beyonce without Jay-Z

But the countdown has begun…

No Friday night lights?  No chants, no cheers, no superstitions?  No standing up for the kick-off and no high fives after every touchdown?  No team meals. No checking the weather on Monday to prepare for whatever climates we will sit in come on Friday. No Dons shirts,  no Acalanes Football hats.  No looking for parking in the parking lot. No snack shack with the smell of BBQ and popcorn in the air.  No blue #1  foam fingers. No Stanley kids hanging on the fences, watching the Big Dons play. We are left to find a way to entertain ourselves during the fall instead of having a built-in plan in place. We wait…we wait…we hope…we wait…. to hear the pre-game chant from Coach Burnsed telling his team, ‘It’s a great day to be a Don!’   

But the countdown has begun for the first scrimmage game in December with a big blue circle on December 30. We will continue to be strong, and resilient. We will eagerly await the sound of the whistle, the smell of the BBQ in the air, the knock of the shoulder pads, and the roar of the crowd. On this day, we will have our boys in their uniforms on. On this day, the Dons will return, and the Boys of Blue will be back on the field. We love Dons Football so much! In this week we will fluff up our blue pom-poms, pull out the folded up booster club bleacher chairs in the garage and heck, we might even dry clean our favorite Acalanes shirt to have it crisp, clean and ready to go! Look at your watches, take a look at your iphone…count it down to December 30. When Acalanes football returns, we will appreciate it more than ever….because everyday …IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE A DON!