DON MOMS show up, get down, cheer on, show off , dig in and wig out for football.  I guess we could say that they are the ‘opti-mom’ fan!

Don Moms eat, drink, think live for Acalanes football. When Friday night rolls around Don Moms are prepping for the game: Dons swag ready to go, resting up for cheering, eating a good meal for energy and fired up to hit the stands. Moms are a crucial part of any high school football. We love our Football community. We love how it brings us all together, regardless of age or what grade or what team, together we root for something we all love-The Dons!  Moms LOVE Dons Football because the game itself is truly a TEAM effort led by the most amazing coaches! Watching these coaches bring all the boys together to literally become a family is an amazing thing to witness as a Mom. The leadership that the coaches teach our Dons is definitely character building with a strong foundation for these young men. We value the coaches. We value the dedication. We value competition. We love a good win just as much as our Don. Dons Moms bring their ‘A’ game!

Dons Football? It’s got everything that makes high school a special moment in time: energy, school spirit, smarts, competition, social bonding, camaraderie…Most of all because it brings our whole community together like a FAMILY -Ann Huchingson

DONS MOMS bring their ‘A’ game!

I miss coming together and rooting for our team. Yes, I’m a loud mom and I’m proud -Brenda Rossi

Dons Moms are a rare breed. We wear the Dons hat, sweatshirts, and t-shirts, and Acalanes blue nails and blue wigs when needed. Somewhere between their first MOL football game in elementary school and the first high school game, you became that Don Mom, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. We scream, yell, get heated, and love every second of it. We love being part of the Dons community because of the camaraderie we share, and the pride it instills in our boys.

We love football because it gives our Dons something we can’t give them alone.  We love Don’s football for the sense of belonging it has given our sons. When the Benken family moved to Lafayette the start of Jake Beken’s sophomore year. They new it would not be easy moving to a new high school. Jake’s mom, Kendal encouraged Jake to join the team so that he could meet a few boys and know some people before school started.  He was welcomed with opened arms!    Kendal adds in, The Don’s football team is such a great group of boys!  Parents should be really proud of your sons.  They are kind, inclusive and encouraging.

Video: Dons Mom are BLUE-tiful!

Football gives them the experience of working as a team and of what it means to depend on the people around them and to feel the thrill of the win and the heartbreak of defeat—life lessons you learn best when you live them yourself. It’s exhilarating, fun and awesome to watch our boys play their hearts out. When you debrief after a game, you listen and teach as only a number-one mom-fan can do. Through sports and your guidance, you’re teaching your children the importance of being a team player, playing and acting selflessly.  Dons Moms are their kid’s biggest fan, and the truth is, you should be! And your Don knows it. That is how Dons Moms roll!

I not only miss the game, and the determination that our kids show, but I really miss my fellow Moms! – Liz Oh

Our football community can’t imagine a Fall without football, we are suffering from a case of culture shock with covid taking away football and trying to figure out what to do  on a Fall Friday Night?! For now the football  lights do not shine, the Dons hungry to play games and the moms crave to cheer on their Dons. I miss feeling close to my son—he knows I’m out there watching the game and supporting him, and it makes me feel like we have a connection, shared Laura Bergman. I miss the cool Friday nights in the stands and the energy of crowds keeping me warm. I miss seeing my son rise up and conquer goals with his teammates, his friends at his side, added in Ami Rowland. It is so true, Don Moms are  missing the energy, spirit in the stands on Friday Nights, the feeling of community and the thrill of a Don’s victory. 

We love you to the end zone and back-GO DONS!

Anyone can be a football mom, but ACALANES FOOTBALL MOMS take it to a high level. We asked a few Don Moms what it takes to be  a REAL Football Mom:

A “real” football mom cheers on the team in the stands, understands the game, and makes sure that their son’s uniform is clean or as clean as can be before the next football game –Angela White 

A ‘real’ football mom is to maintain a balance of them while staying grounded and not losing sight of the importance of academics-Gilly Malmquist 

A ‘real’ football mom yells louder than the ref’s whistle, loves when the other team’s quarterback is sacked for a lost of 15 yards, hugs and five highs when the announcer yells TOUCHDOWN ACALANES and Dons sweat is her favorite perfume on a Friday night!  –Jane Smith 

A “real” football mom is one who isn’t afraid to make a fool of herself in a blue wig for the sake of team spirit! -Jennifer Michlitsch

A ‘real’ football mom knows the rules of the game and comes dressed to games with ACA swag! –Anna Epppinger

A ‘real’  football mom is Passionate (ie air horns at the Marin Catholic game),  fun loving, and Always there for hugs (win or lose)-Liz Oh

A ‘real’ football mom wants the best for our boys and we support them no matter what -Laura Bergman

FIERCENESS.  FIRE.  FEROCITY.  PASSION. Absolute LOVE for our DONS sons!  These are the descriptors that comprise the captivating TEAM SPIRIT of ALL Acalanes DONS MOMS!   Our DONS PRIDE WILL NEVER FADE OR DIE!Gail Pearson


and hit them HARD!

A ‘real’ football mom has equal parts support, love, fear, and tolerance for smelly equipment-Ann Huchingson

A ‘real’ football mom loves the kids first and foremost and loves our school and community-Brenda Rossi 

 A ‘real’ football mom supports her son 100% whether that is yelling her head off, making sure his uniform is clean, listening to him retell each play, or reminding him it is always about the game and the team , not whether you win or lose. I am so proud of my DON! –Marianne Brent

A ‘real’ football mom has friendships that are  made in the bleachers, that  are irreplaceable. The closeness, our collective cheers, and the pride we all feel for our boys on the field-Sarah Carrillo

A ‘real’ Football Mom realizes that no matter how much bleach you use in your laundry, your son’s “white” pants will always be grey forever-Melissa Murphy

A ‘real’ football mom has a multifaceted job.  Our role is to at times lead the charge (rides, home, schedules, meals, family stuff) but most of the time our function is in the backdrop. Being a support system is my goal and here’s how I do it: Always cheer on the team whether they’re winning or losing, talk about the positives, and have fun- Dolorez Dumas-Aris