Frosh Basketball Team is ‘SICK’, 35 to 32 win!

Urban dictionary definition for ‘Sick’– meaning cool, fabulous, awesome. 
The Dons are SICK!  This flu season has the potential to be fierce and this sounds like our Freshman team!   They got the fever, they are hot! They can’t be stopped! 

The Dons traveled to Walnut Creek for a head-to-head competition between two talented teams. This game gave all fans the chills. Northgate Broncos came out ready to play, and the Acalanes Dons  had the symptoms  to win.  The baskets went back and forth and flu around without many shots going in.  Like a bad cough that won’t go away, the Dons were not going away.  At half time, the Dons lead 21 to 17.

The Broncos must of had some Emergen-C or a spoonful of honey during halftime, because their energy was up coming into third quarter. Basketball is sometimes called a non-contact sport. Although, there is plenty of legal contact between players, some contact is considered illegal: charging, holding and blocking. The Broncos were having a problem with keeping their hands and cooties off our Dons.  Bennett Dodge might need a tetanus shot, as he was mauled the most  during the game.    Those  fouls were contagious for  the Broncos placing the Dons in bonus. This helped the Dons and gave the  Broncos a headache

Dons entered the fourth quarter  alive and well, 28 to 26.  With timeouts being called, fouls flying (not us, them), the Dons knew they had to shut down the Broncos. Good offense beats good defense. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Legitimate ball-moving, cutting, screening, unselfish playing will win any game and that’s what the Dons did. 

With 38 seconds left in the game, the Broncos were breaking out in a cold sweat  the Dons defense was digging in. Miller Smith fired an inbound pass to Kaleo Feinberg, and just what the doctor ordered, a beautiful, perfect lay-up by Kaleo. (Seriously p e r f e c t ) With twelve seconds left to play, the Broncos called a timeout to discuss their last shot of the game. The Bronco shooter went to the corner, took a nervous shot, Bennett rebounded it and Dons took the ball out of the Bronco territory for the WIN- 35 to 32.  

Like Chicken Soup is good for a cold, the Dons bench is good for the soul. Psychological or emotional factors can affect a team. For example, the home court advantage of having fans cheering on the team can inspire players to rise to the occasion and play better than if at the opponent’s court. The Dons Freshman bench was  upbeat, loud, enthusiastic and supportive to their brothers on the court.  They were as important as the players on the court and a big part of this win. It was SICK!

Scoring Summary: Jack Bayless (12) Miller Smith (8) Justin Zegarowski (5) Landon Best-Santos (3)  Kaleo Feinberg (2) Bennett Dodge (1) 

The Dons head to Moraga to play Campo on Friday, January 14 at 4pm. Until then Wash your hands, use your hand sanitizer, stay health and GO DONS!