Oct 13 – Dons Girls Volleyball Sweep the Mats

Miramonte #1 10/13/15

Your Acalanes Dons host the Mats in a battle of two early DFAL league leaders. Both teams only have 1 loss so far. SOMETHING has to give tonight

1st Set:

3-1. Dons start with great defense and some solid Grace Bolen serving.
6-4. Maddie Graham kill. Looks like it will be a tight match.
8-7. Devin Grobeck and Calista Lam keeping the Dons slight edge with solid digs and passing.
12-9. Parker Jones slams a hard kill, Reilly Webster blocks the Mats and Jones follows with a tip kill.
13-12. Mats roar back and then Jones kills it to stop that run.
15-12. Lam pass. Bolen set. Jones kill. Dons leading and time out Miramonte!
17-12. Webster ROOF!
20-13. Windy Margerum kill keeps the Dons Momentum going!
21-14. PHE-nominal dig by Lam and up by Bolen, but Miramonte wins that point. Exciting level of play.
24-14. Dons in control. Grobeck with some great serves taking Mats out of system.
25-16. Bolen dumps the pass to the floor to seal up the 1st set. Much more battling to come tonight!

Grace Bolen
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2nd Set:

2-1. Lam with yet another stellar up and Jones finishes with a kill
3-1. Mimi White with the winning block at the net.
4-6. Time out Dons. A little unsettled is all. No biggie…yet.
6-8. Webster hits one off the back row player.
7-9. Jones kill keeps the Dons close
8-9 Heidi Stanford serves and passes nicely, permitting another Jones kill.
10-10. Lam ace ties it.
13-13. Multiple net violations for both teams.
15-14. Julia Gay Ace!
16-15. Graham kill: With Authority.
19-16. Strong serving from Stanford permits Dons to gap out just a bit here. Timeout Mats!
21-17. Long rally with great ups leads to Jones kill!
22-17. See above.
23-17. Again but White finishes! Deee-fence!!!
25-17! Super D carries the Dons in the 2nd.

Reilly Webster
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3rd Set:

1-0. White starts the Dons off right with a Middle kill.
5-1 Jones: the Hat Trick! Triple Ace serving!
7-1. White solo ROOF and Graham kill off the block and Dons are rollllllin and timeout Mats!!!
8-4. Lam pass saves the point and halts a furious Mats rally.
8-7. Timeout Dons – Mats rally continues as their backs are against the wall.
9-8. Webster with a big block to get the serve back.
10s with a great Bolen/Margerum team block.
13-12. Dons take the lead on a sweet Jones kill.
15-12. Huge roof from the W&W Blocking Company! (White and Webster)
17-12. Jones kill and Bolen Ace. Dons looking great.
18-14. White another kill in the middle.
19-14. Jones Ace again! Wow!
20-14. Good White block to keep the point alive and Webster kill finds a seam in the middle. Timeout Mats!
22-15. Margerum nice hit in the middle for a winner. Closing in slowly…
24-18…….Grobeck to serve….Mats hang around a bit longer!
25-19. Graham finishes a match (again!) with a kill!

Maddie Graham
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Dons win 3-0. Total team effort tonight against a very strong opponent. Dons go to 8-4 on the season.

Ken Webster